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  1. Recently i am interested in investment and the stock market. But i am also aware of the risk in it. With proper knowledge, i am able to reduce the risk. So how do i learn all this?
  2. its of Spirit...of course...search for the holy grail....its right there in my first post....i can read people and i take it for granted others do also...i had a dream last night of sailing...was nice
  3. For the last couple of days, I've not been able to get onto the forum from time to time. My problem? Or server?
  4. Which Documentation that we should help? The official Documentation or Mambo Manual? Actually I have interest in translating the doc into Indonesian Langguage Althought this may not help too much since many Indonesians are good in English O_o.
  5. My wife are are looking to pay off our credit card debt. We have about 30,000 in credit card debt. We are homeowners and want to take out a personal loan or home equity loan to pay off the debt. We bought our house last year and it was appraised for 170,000. We bought it for 160,000. So we have some equity in the home. What are the best options for us?? Please help
  6. Recently I have been receiving calls from places offering me specials and gifts for being such a great Visa customer. I told the guy that I didnt own a Visa ending in . He asked me if I received my mail at a former address of mine and said that I should look into this matter immediately because there is a Visa with my name that has been active within the last eighteen months. My question is.....Who do I call? What should I do? This has never happened to me before. Please Help
  7. Is it good for your credit score to pay you debt in full in one payment? Can you do that and is it advisable?
  8. Hi I Am Trying To Find Out What Companies These Are..i Have Several Nco Fin/99 On My Report..im Trying To Fixx My Credit And I Need To Find This Info Out..can Anyone Help Me?
  9. dear Himanshu Qualification is a part of validation. valiation is a broader term where qualification is for equipment about thier designing,installation,operation and performance. in short, validation is for that process in which that equipment is used and qualifiocations are the equipment specifications.