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  1. I am working on helping a friend on a case that was brought against him in St. Louis, MO. I filed a request for production of documents via a sample form on this forum and they replied with the attached objection. Can someone please help on how I should respond? I have attached the reply.. it's a phone pic from my friend, I apologize. thanks so much!
  2. Maybe a newbie question here, but to file with the court, did you have to go to the actual court or could you file via mail/electronic?
  3. Question: I send a Debt Verification letter to NCO Financial via certified mail. The address i used is their address listed on my credit report. I get it returned, undeliverable. What Can I do anything regarding this?
  4. yes, miller and steno. What do you mean stunt? the dismissal is not a good thing?
  5. I filed a motion to vacate, due to lack of personal jurisdiction and the docket entry now shows cased dismissed by plantiff without prejudice... I guess this is a good thing?
  6. Hello, First of all, i have been reading the forum, amazing amount of great information here. Makes me want to pursue a law degree. Anyway my question- I currently live in Quincy, IL. While Searching my name in the St. Louis City court, I found that Arrow Financial Services is trying to sue me for a debt, and a summons was issued to a former address. I used to live in St. Louis, MO. On the case online, I see the summons returned, and continuences(spelling?) from the court. Apparently, there is a scheduled hearing date next month. What should be my next step?