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  1. I might not have been clear. I listed John doe on the lawsuit because they refused to disclose the vendor. Discovery is coming up, so we will see.
  2. I have a judgement with errors on all 3 cra. They all have the weong paid date, one lists it twice, another in the wrong court. I have 3 fed lawsuits filed with John doe listed for vendor name. I don't want to go into too many details, but I am wondering if anyone has done anything similar. It seems to me the way things are done now, lexis and any other vendors have zero liability. I haven't seen any cases that have addressed this.
  3. I am looking for any info or case law related to Public records & judgement vendors to the CRA. I have seen some case law about suing over the CRA's misrepresenting that they get records from the courts. Has anyone got the info about the vendor and sued the vendor as a furnisher? Without discovery has anyone found out who provided their judgement/record. I know LexisNexis is one, but their are others. I want to sue them but without CRA discovery I think it is impossible.
  4. I would apply for personal credit. Being denied for a business loan is not the same. You can't sue for loss of business credit. I have a small business, another way to discriminate against the little guy
  5. I understand what are you saying. I assume in federal court you would have to subpoena records and employees, since any evidence against the cra's would be hearsay. I could subpoena records from equifax to prove the response from is authentic.
  6. I need the experience in federal court before I tackle Equifax:):) Thanks for the input, plenty of food for thought. In my opinion this case should be brought by the FTC for the 10-20K people who all have bad addresses from this CA on their credit report; in a perfect world.
  7. I asked them to verify the record on my credit report. If I disputed the amount as inaccurate does that mean they can use a fictitious name since that is not what I disputed. Of course if that was the case I could still contact them at the address that Equifax gave me as their legal address. I believe they moved, why should they update their address on all the credit reports they are reporting on? Whatever they verify on the record should be accurate.
  8. I disputed They were both disputed as “I have no knowledge of this collection” “please verify the details of this collection” I sent Equifax a copy of the undeliverable letter and they treated it as a new dispute and just verified a second time. I doubt they even read it.
  9. I have a lawsuit coming up this week. I am looking for case law, or any comments & suggestions. I am suing in small claims (not the best jurisdiction) for violation of 1. US [15 U.S.C. § 1681s-2] ( Duties of Furnishers of Information upon Notice of Dispute. I disputed 2 accounts with Byron & Davis with Equifax. Eq verified, then I sent letters to Byron & Davis which came back undeliverable. Anyone sue over a bad contact address on their report?? From my Bill of particulars: Basis for claims: The basis for relief is: the defendant verified incorrect information. Sp
  10. They are reporting an invalid address on my credit report. As an "unsophisticated consumer" I am following the directions from Equifax. Of course they have a new address. They are in violation by not updating the address. I notified Equifax the address is not valid, now they are in violation.
  11. Anyone have collections from Byron & Davis CCCC at 246 Philadelphia Pike , Wilm DE. MY letter came back undeliverable (I have another post)? I am wondering how many credit reports they have screwed up.
  12. I have 2 medical collections from byron & davis cccc. I disputed on Equifax, the only one reporting. I mailed a letter to byron and it came back undeliverable. I mailed a photocopy to Equifax, and demanded the remove the tradeline verified with incorrect info. All they did was start a new dispute and sent a verification letter with same address. Would you sue the CA at their correct address, or Equifax? Any better way to get Equifax attention?