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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! I always wondered how that was true. Specifically, I too had a debt that was beyond the SOL and missed the 30-day validation window. But when I sent the CA a zombie letter containing: they removed it from the Credit Reports. His letter also included this reference, but instead of the CA dropping the tradelines, they used this "insufficient" letter to deflect what he was trying to do. Are the above reference and associated "zombie" letters more bark than bite then?
  2. aha - so they're not really citing something incorrectly. Completely misunderstood that part. So if this is out of the SOL, wouldn't a Debt Collector be falsely representing the status of the debt by continuing to report it or are they trying to circumvent that by claiming he didn't provide them enough information?
  3. That's TT. It's not really for me, but a friend and I think his ultimate goal is to simply have it removed. In the letter they sent in response to his "Zombie" letter, they mentioned that they are marking it as disputed and will make no further contact unless in response to him, etc. His story sounds similar. He didn't validate within the first 30 days and his initial attempt to validate earlier this summer, (not within 30 days of Midland notifying him), went unanswered. About positive he didn't send it CMRRR. But he did send the Zombie letter CMRRR. One thing i noticed in their response
  4. Hate to revive an old thread, but what happens if this is outside of the SOL and they send this response?
  5. Thanks for the advice! I think you're dead-on with just sending a letter to the OC first - not protesting anything - just asking if they could verify, (using that term loosely). Then, I guess it would depend on their response. If it were just "you were late", send a verification to them and the CBs. If they sent something more detailed, time for the GW letter. (Of course, that's if she really was late). So... not to drag this out, but I'm sort of nervous. It's one shot on a letter like this and that's bad enough. Add to it that it's not my credit, and I'm kind of anxious. Any suggestio
  6. So I've been thinking about this... if the last mark was all the way from 2007, any chances BoA still has this on file? I'm contemplating having her ask for validation from the OC. Depending on their response, then maybe pursue "official validation" via certified mail to the OC & CBs. If they can furnish something off the bat, then maybe a GW to BoA. Thoughts?
  7. Hello, After my gf pulled her credit report (for the first time), she didn't realize the true impact of being a few days late. Ouch. Anyway, on one of her credit cards, she has a total of 10 30 day late payments over the course of time. To further complicate things, she had lost her card in '07 and had a new one issued. So there are two tradelines on her report. She still uses the card and has been on time since Jul of 2008 to present. Should she attempt a goodwill to BoA for these payments? And if so, would it be worth mentioning the separate tradelines or hope they put it together?
  8. Thanks for the reply! I think that's a great idea actually - provided I can get that person's info. One question if we went that route: Would you mention the whole thing with the lost bank card? In reality I think she didn't lose that card until Jan whereas the first 30 day mark was about Dec I think.
  9. Hello, My GF and I have begun looking into a mortgage and decided to pull our credit reports yesterday. True shocker to her. A little over a year ago, things were great. Now they're not so great. While I'm pretty sure her score dropped so much because of the amount on her credit cards, (about 10% utilization to about 80%), we also found a huge 90 late. Back in the Fall of 2010, she used her Firestone credit for some minor car repair. The bill went to her parents' address and became 30 days late in Dec, then 60 days late in Jan and 90 late in Feb. It then looks like Firestone's collection
  10. That's crazy! I initially sent them a goodwill letter and they responded via email, (sort of weird), with the standard old blah blah. I'd love to know who you spoke to or maybe I could dig up someone's real email - not that generic Customer "Service".
  11. Thanks for the reply BV! And you're absolutely right - the OC doesn't necessarily own the debt. A few years back, they passed it onto a CA and last year, (Aug 2010), I wrote to them and pointed out that in MD, the collection was out of the SOL, (5 years). They removed their tradeline and have since stopped all collection attempts. I know this surely affects my score, but I wish there were some way I could see exactly how much, (isn't that everyone's problem?).
  12. Hello, Last year, I pulled all 3 of my CRs and really addressed some stuff. Now all three state the same thing, etc. But when I pulled them last year, I tried tackling an old Chase account that's listed as Charged Off. When I disputed with the 3 CBs, Chase responded with a copy of a cleared check and several statements. They were definitely on the ball. Anyway, I just pulled all three reports again and in the "Status" field, instead of mentioning when the account may go to good standing or whatever, it actually says "This item was updated from our processing from your dispute in Aug 2010"
  13. First, congrats on getting them to fix the error! I don't mean to pry, but how did you contact them? I had 6 student loans that were all "late" in 2006 that are still on my report. But each were in forbearance. One CR I pulled even said "$0 90 Days Late". Because SM packages their student loans and I had 6, it shows as 6 derogatory remarks on my report. So far, a dispute and goodwill have had no effect.
  14. Sorry to bump, but any thoughts on what I should do? I'm thinking either send a letter to BoA directly or ask Experian how they verified the account. On these boards, I noticed someone had the following letter for a similar situation:
  15. Thanks Strive! As of this weekend, I still haven't heard anything. But i did noticed that my reports are stating the last update status on the loans as 8/2010. Might just be the norm, but I think if it's not updated as of 09/2010 by the end of this week, I might have to send out another report. That being said, I did notice something really interesting this morning. On TransUnion, below the "Loan Type" area, it says in red: >Maximum delinquency of 90 or more days occurred in 06/2006 for $0< Of the 6 loans listed as "negative", 5 of them have that. The other is dated 04/2006 for $