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  1. I'm here to say Thank you guys for the help, all you saying is true. I'm Samoan and I know little bit about the American Law and all this. I am not going to let this happen again, I'm going to put a stop on it. I guess she never learn if shes not punished for what she did wrong. once again, Thank you very much for all the help. May God Bless you both.
  2. Firstly let me give thanks to people who create this site, it really helps! Okay i'm trying to make a long story short, if anybody out there can help me I really appreciate. I use to live in Minneapolis MN and moved to Hawaii on April 2004 to get married. My own sister who still live in MN, use my SSN to find a job, because she has a check forgery felony on her record, she did find a job and she file tax exempt, so she never paid any tax for the State of MN. all this time I never knew that shes being using my SSN until 2007 me and my husband moved here in Washington and all this letters from