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  1. Since this hearing is specifically for dismissal. If I were to show up and the plantiff/attorney show up, then what would happen? The judge will schedule another case management hearing? Would I also need to bring any documentations, etc. to the dismissal hearing?
  2. I answered the complaint months ago, then there was a hearing for OSC order to show cause (plaintiff/attorney and I both did not show up), the judge then scheduled a CMC management hearing (plaintiff/attorney did not show up). Then judge recognized that the attorney handling the lawsuit has shut down and so the judge set a date for another hearing, if attorney does not show up, it will be dismissed. 2 questions: 1. Am I required to show up? 2. Is it better that I show up?
  3. The attorneys representing the plaintiffs bankrupted (and did not show up at the case management hearing), the judge recognized that they were bankrupted and set the dismissal hearing. I did also receive a notice about the hearing in the mail.
  4. What happens at this type of hearing. I am the defendant, do I need to show up at this hearing or is this for the plaintiff only?
  5. The notice just says dept 1, which is where I filed my answers, etc. but I don't see any rooms there. I know I can probably ask the clerk there but if I can get a heads up on what it's going to be like, that would be great.
  6. That agreement states arbitration with AAA or NAF. For a debt of around $6000, would JAMS help me more given that $3000 cost to arbitrate? And I see from the agreement that they would pay arbitration fees if THEY elect arbitration, which means if I request it, then I have to pay? I am curious to see the 2007 or 2008 version to see if it favors me more.
  7. I found one here for DISC0VER for 2009 but my account was from 2007 or 2008. If I ask them for the cardholders agreement during DISCOVERY, they have to send me the cardholders agreement effective the date I signed up for the account, is that right? And if they don't, then what happens?
  8. Since I haven't started DISCOVERY process yet, do I ask for the cardholder's agreement during DISCOVERY?
  9. I think the first hearing was the "ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE", I didn't attend that meeting and I am not sure if MANN BRACK0N attended but they were shut down already at the time of the meeting. I will be filing the CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT late, probably 1 or 2 days before the CASE MANAGEMENT MEETING. I plan on bringing a copy of that with me to the meeting. In the event that MANN BRACK0N or a rent-an-attorney does not show up, is it possible to ask the judge to dismiss the case? And should I tell the judge that MANN BRACK0N has shut down?
  10. I found the post you are referring to: Is the proof of service form FL-335 or POS-030? I am filing the CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT 1 or 2 days before the CASE MANAGEMENT REVIEW even though I was supposed to do so 15 days before, what is the likelihood the judge will sanction me for this?
  11. Thanks for your help. I have not received any "Substitution of Attorney" from anyone. Right now, my plan is to file the "Case Management Statement" even though it would be late. I will then bring a copy of the "Case Management Statement" with me to the "Case Management Conference", hopefully the judge will not sanction me for filing late. I have a very strong feeling that I will be the only one to show up at the CMC.
  12. I finished filling out the CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT, even though it's really late, I figure it's better late than never. After I file this with the court, I need to send a copy of this to the attorney? Can I send it myself or do I need to get a party not involved with this law suit to send it?
  13. My lawsuit is at the CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE phase now. The original law firm for the plaintiff is now shut down. Though the plaintiff assigned another law firm to my account (not law suit), I did not make any attempt to communicate with the new law firm. I did not file a CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT, I think I can still file it although it would not make it by the 15 days deadline. If for some reason, a rent-a-lawyer shows up to the conference, should I tell the judge I want to elect arbitration? No discovery or any exchanging of information or communication has occured between me and the now
  14. Conference coming up in the next few days, it is already past the 15 days in advance requirement, should I just file the statement now anyway and put in that MANN BRACK0N did not initiate MEET AND CONFER and I am still in process of DISCOVERY?
  15. But if JAMS accept arbitration, then I will certainly lose the case right? And if I lose the arbitration, would I be responsible for the $800 + $2200 fee as well?