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  1. I'm trying to help my wonderful Girlfriend out but I"m confused by Minnesota's whole pocket lawsuit filing system. 5 months ago she received a Default judgment. ( stupid i know) They have garnished her wages for the past couple of months. As i understand they can only garnish wages for 70 days in MN. Now the 70 days has passed or will be passing they have sent her and her employer a Garnishment summons, Garnishment earnings disclosure, Notice and acknowledgement of service by mail, and a silly release of funds form. I'm lost. Should i have her file a motion to vacate? They have never mailed a garnishment exemption notice. Do they need another judgment to garnish after the 70 days? How should she respond to the Garnishment summons? I just need to stall this for a while so she can apply for Medical assistance for herself and her 3 year old boy so she is exempt from garnishment. Single mothers with crap jobs have it rough any help would be great.
  2. Very sad state in my County. 85% Default Judgments, 13% Summary Judgments, 2% settlements. I think maybe 1 attorney handled the thousand or so Consumer credit card lawsuits I looked at (settled). The best Consumer attorneys are at least 5-7 hour drive, but thanks to this beautiful magical wonderful forum and the people posting here, I have become the hunter not the hunted. The winning pleadings would be great to have, but the knowledge here is also pure gold.
  3. One quick Question. Do I have to send the Cardmember Agreement to the Respondent in the initial Demand or just to JAMS? I am also requesting payment for the initial fees pursuant to the agreement.
  4. Trueq, I noticed you had a sample/template about filing a claim with JAMS and determining the amount of damages geared toward your state law. Would it be out of line to request a copy? Any help would be great.
  5. I need 1 more post so i can PM. Thank you everyone!
  6. Welcome back! This forum is great!
  7. Ok will send pm as soon as i post a few more times. Thank you Trueq. it was your posts on this forum that helped get my case dismissed. Pure Gold! I am extremely grateful.
  8. 1. JDB is Midland. 2. Can i just post a generic yahoo email since i dont have enough posts to pm? 3. Those cowards had no evidence, they have broken numerous state laws. Wouldn't arbitration give me leverage to settle and get it removed from my credit report? Also maybe even earn me a buck or two. The thought that they would have to cough up more in fee's than the alleged debt itself makes me giddy inside.
  9. 1.Case filed against me was dismissed without prejudice. Can i still elect arbitration and initiate claims against JDB? I'm located in WI and went through some of the discovery process. 2. Can someone please send me a HSBC Nevada cardmember agreement with JAMS? I do not have enough posts to PM yet. 3. I just wanted to thank all the wonderful people here. It was the great insight on these forums that helped get my case dismissed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to cause these scumbags some of the grief they have caused myself and the many of you.
  10. I would send out Discovery Requests immediately, if they don't respond in 30 days you can get things deemed admitted such as............ they are scumbags, they violated laws, they have no documents, they believe in unicorns.. You also get to see what deck of cards they're playing with. Those are just my thoughts.
  11. When i was first served the summons i was scared shi*less but every day searching and reading these forums i grew more and more confident. First thing i did was quickly file a response and defenses to the complaint and also filed a notarized sworn affidavit of gradual denial, denying the debt and am not in receipt of such documents as Notice of Assignment, Notice of right to cure Default, etc....... Showed up for court, rent a lawyer seemed kind of pissed when i accused Midland of being in violation of the entire WI Consumer Act. Sent the request for requests to admit, interrogatories, and request for production of documents immediately after the initial appearance. They objected to my discovery demands as vague, unduly burdonsome, and irrelevant. They sent Discovery, I claimed deny or after sufficient inquiry defendant is unable to admit or deny, objected to all of their interrogatories, and was unaware or not in receipt of any such documents. 28 days after i sent Discover requests i faxed a due diligence letter to them warning them to answer my requests or i will file motion to compel or dismissal. The day i was going to file such motions i received a dismissal motion from them. Which is all i really wanted. Next time i will be more confident and prepared to file multiple counter claims and nail their a**. I cant thank the people here enough. The posts of TrueQ were pure gold in my case. Just keep doing the research and file everything quickly and promptly and don't be scared of these Frauds.
  12. I just wanted to post for the first time by saying THANK YOU EVERYONE! I have been lurking here for almost 3 months, soaking in all the information on Midland, Wisconsin Law, and the FDCPA. All of the wonderful posts and knowledge here you can not put a price tag on so THANK YOU ALL! TRUEQ Thank you for your wealth of information on Wi Law. I received a dismissal 5 days ago from the Kohn Scumbag law firm. Clerk gave it to the judge today, hopefully will be signed before Christmas:) . This is such a relief! THANKS to all of you the next time these con-men perpetrating lawyers will think twice about messing with me. THERE IS HOPE FOR ALL OF YOU, JUST PUT IN THE TIME AND RESEARCH. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
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