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  1. First off I live in Colorado and had a vehicle reop'd in 2001. I owed about $12K on the car when it was taken. I began paying a 3rd party collector in 2006. I was paying $350/mo until my wife lost her job and decided to stay home with the kids in 2007 and I began to $100/mo payments through last month, with no late payments. I currently owe a little under $9k I got a call from the collection agency asking for proof of income to adjust my payment before allowing me to continue making $100 payments. I sent them my paystub and my monthly budget. They called again and are now asking for my bank statements to validate what I pay out. I asked them if I could just send a copy of bills to validate them but they insist that I provide a bank statement. I don't feel that I should have to give them that information and open myself up to them cleaning me out when they feel like it...any ideas on how to approach this?