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  1. Yeah I hope they take it seriously. We are going to call the ASU legal campus and ask if there are any students that can help. It is Christmas break right now.
  2. I have met the state AZ AG he is pretty worthless, pure politician. Evrything he does is a ploy to get nomination for Governor. He is not there for the people, he is there for himself. But we will give them a call, can't hurt. From reading websites, I think the AZ Corporate division somehow is responsible for this stuff. We will cal them too.
  3. Thank you, good advice! Unfortunately we are broke Was hoping a state government department might be able to help since the employer violated a state statute. Not sure where to start. God knows government employees do not want to work. Catch 22 !
  4. Thank you for the reply Yeah, that is the course i was going to follow. nice t see someone has the same line of logic. any more ideas would be greatly appreciated
  5. Howdy, Not sure where to start a complaint. Spouses wages were attached a year ago at 10 percent of net wages. After a few months, collection lawyer sent a dirty letter and told employer to pay 25% of gross wages and wanted all back payments now! Employer took the back money from one paycheck, so spouse got like 20 dollars for 2 weeks work and spouse was broke for last Christmas. Really sucked, caused fights etc Then employer continued to garnish at 25 percent of gross wages. Just read the state statute and collections is only allowed to take 25 percent of a paycheck after taxes are taken out and employer is not to attach weekly wages below 30 times the minimum wage. They did this a lot! EMPLOYER VIOLATED A STATE STATUTE So do we go to state labor dept ask to get wages back from employer? Or got to attorney generals office? or sue employer in civil court? FDCPA case federal court? who do we sue? and can we win? FYI Employer is a multi billion dollar company AZ statute: Arizona uses the federal wage collections law: also attached............
  6. Opened a checking account with Bank of the West in California many years ago. Lifetime free checking no minimum balance! Then Security Pacific Bank bought them and they did not charge for my checking account. Then Bank of America bought Security Pacific and for the last 10 plus years, Bank of America has not charged me for my checking account. Now I get a letter from bank of America stating I am going to be charged 12 dollars a month. I called customer service , they said nothing they can do. I am pretty sure this is covered in the FTC act or the Sherman Act or some other government guideline. Basically to protect consumers account terms from being changed when a bank is sold to another bank. Anyone know the actual regulation or law I can use to convince Bank of America? I need specific the reference location. Thank You!
  7. does not look like you can do private arbitration Do you have a lot of assets outside of your retirement? do you have a job they can attack a lien to your wages? if you have a job and no assets think bankruptcy. If you have a lot of assets, put them somewhere they can't find them and fight them in court. if you lose try to settle for 10 percent of the lien in a couple years Actually if you get a good lawyer he can probably work something out with the other lawyer. they know bankruptcy always dissolves medical bills to zero. Good Luck!
  8. I agree ! no difference between DEMS and Repubs anymore! Banks own them all and banks run the country!
  9. If you look at history voting out incumbents has worked really well !!! Interpretation of the new law will depend how well you or your lawyer makes an argument and what luck of the draw you get for a judge, all judges interpret things differently. Make you case is good so it can go to appeals and get a ruling from a smart person Someone has to go first!
  10. a hearing is not required unless requested. definitely file to vacate judgement. on Thursday mornings there are lawyers that give free legal advice at the east valley Law library at the county court house. I am sure they do same thing downtown, call and ask. you need help. get copies of all your info from clerk on your lawsuit and have any forms you have filled out and ask the free lawyers to correct or add , change, etc be sure to move for private arbitration ! bring your credit card agreement ! G/L !
  11. Of course they are rich and where do you think they get their re-election funds from? unfortunately the interpretation of the grandfather is dependent on the judge you get and they are all very different VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS !!!!
  12. Did you respond asking for a copy of the contract WITH your signature? Judge WILL want to see a signature! Is there an arbitration clause?
  13. You can call the clerk of the court and explain what is going on and ask if you can speak to the judges secretary. They should both be very helpful and nice to you. You pay taxes that pay them, get something for those taxes! In the event you do get a wage garnishment and you are fired. THAT IS A LAWSUIT ANY LAWYER WILL TAKE FOR FREE! Your boss cannot do that, but if he does, you can get rich !
  14. WOW! start a new thread and ask the same questions. holy smokes what a mess, check and see if the guy has malpractice insurance and sue the crap out of him. there are lawyers that specialize in sueing lawyers. and you can make a motion ask for time to get a new a lawyer, but get a new one first and get some referrals!
  15. you should file a medical bankruptcy. they are very common and usually glide right thru the bankruptcy system. bankruptcy was designed for your situation. G/L and go to a cancer Center. Regular doctors and hospitals will kill you
  16. Hi! Darn lazy judge denied my arbitration request and said she would have granted it but she had already made the judgement. which is a lie. i requested arbitration in december and she just signed the judgement this week I think these judges just sign off to clear their old calender stuff and on top of that the order names me and my partner and my partner was never served! the plaintiff had just entered a plea for alternate service for my partner 2 weeks ago. so...... Plaintiff did not address my defenses and judge denied arbitration and mediation and partner not served. how do i write up the plea to vacate the judgement? please help! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  17. offered me a full judgement with 6 months to come up with all the money i passed
  18. Ok just finished..... in person hearing granted. asked for comprehensive rules and judge said comprehensive rules will make the case end quicker and since it is under 250,000 dollars streamline is required. i did ask twice, he wouldn't budge. Preliminary documents to be shared within 2 weeks. Hearing date April 29 in Las Vegas. Prehearing statement due one week before. Judge did say if I needed anything more from Zwicker/AMEX I was to contact him and let him know. Oh and the judge did change me from being the plaintiff to a defendant......thank God. So burden of proof is on Plaintiff. The arbitration will be using Utah Law and Utah consumer debtor-creditor laws.......where do i get those??????? Judge did say extensions in time will be granted with proper notice and I guess proper reason? Plaintiffs attorney said she was going to double check and be sure all credit statements are included help! XhelpXXhelpXXhelpX
  19. OC .... what would be a good set of questions to prove it is not with the OC? Do you have any meritorious defense examples or ideas?
  20. I asked for more info and JAMS said it is just a phone conference with all parties to set up a hearing date and other necessary dates. no discussion of the case. I am sure OC used credit backed security trusts, which were traded world wide. Just not sure how to request all of the chains of title with all the transfer dates ? Any good pleadings?
  21. thanks arbitrator is chosen, fees are paid, definitely asking for in person and comprehensive. Any good claims/defenses i should use?