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  1. Willing to Cope & RM, Thank you for your thoughtful responses. Is there any way to mitigate the FICO mortgage damage or "repair" the score? Or just give it time?
  2. Ok, I have four credit cards, all are well within their credit limits. I have never been late on any of the payments, ever. I received an offer for Chase Sapphire and since I am rebuiliding my credit after 2 foreclosures (yes, i know, i am a moron), I am obviously interested in doing everything I can to build credit back up. My cc lines are all good, but the foreclosure I fear set me far back and I want to rebuild in the most intelligent way possible. Not sure if another card helps. I already have two passbook loans I took out and am paying back to build a little bit of credit, but will adding another credit card and using it for small purchases and paying it off every month help my score? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a credit card with a huge 20k line I will never come close to using (thankfully!). The problem is, I've heard that have a huge line unused is bad, but also deactivating a line that you've had is bad as well. Which is worse? I need to decide what to do with this card. Also, in order to get my credit score higher after a foreclosure, I currently have two passbook savings loans for $1k, where I borrow and pay back the $1k with interest each month. Are there other ways to slowly improve my score other than paying on time?
  4. Got the release from FASLO in writing, but will have to see on the tax
  5. I had a property with two mortgages on it. It went into foreclosure. First lien holder was the bank who took the house back. The second lien belonged to Indymac Bank, who was taken over by the FDIC, since it folded. I was told that the new owner of the 2nd lien was Faslo Solutions, a debt collector. I was panicking since I figured they would be total jerks. Not so. Dealing with Faslo was very easy. Here is the bottom line: Since the FDIC is the new owner of the note and they aren't going to twist your arm, they will take almost whatever offer you give them. Seriously. I owed 90k and they settled with me for about 5k... I offered them 5k and they took it. They probably would have taken only 2k had I offered lower. The bottom line is find out if the FDIC owns your debt. Ask Faslo. If so, they will be very willing to let you off the hook very easily. Best of luck!
  6. Fiasko, I sent you PMs, please keep us in the loop, I am in similar situation!
  7. Going forward, as foreclosures increase will it become harder or easier to get a loan with prior foreclosure? Any chance banks will be any more lenient???
  8. Craigslist free section is always "worth it"!
  9. The best lawyers win. PepsiCo and other multinationals probably have safe havens of cash they can tap into when they need it. I doubt they're sweating.
  10. A rising tide lifts all boats, a.k.a. small caps do really well in bull markets Making money in penny stocks is next to impossible in a down market since you can rarely short them. Penny stocks are generally bought and traded by get rich quick types. I view penny stocks and options as speculative
  11. Spider solitaire... way too addictive!