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  1. My credit card balance is more than $55000 spread among about 15 companies. I have heard from all of them for at least eight months. They can't phone me, but I get letters as though I can still pay them. My only income is Social Security. I thought I would be sued by now or the two stores from which I bought things would notify me to give them back by now. Is this normal? When is it going to happen?
  2. Can collection agencies take money from safe deposit boxes if one does not file bankruptcy?
  3. I have not declared bankruptcy. I owe several credit cards a lot of money, all over $600. So, my debt is not discharged. I received a letter from two of my creditors telling me they are going to file 1099s to the IRS, and I will have to declare the amount they will settle for as earned income. I have no income except Social Security and a variable amount from writing that is never more than $125 per month. I cash those checks, but I will pay tax on it, because the company will send me a 1099, as well as the IRS. My total income is $961/month. I have not paid income tax for five years. I am old
  4. In don't know if this should be a new thread. I've never joined a forum before. My question is this: I understand the bank has to hand over money to a creditor who sues me and garnishes my bank account. The only money in my bank account comes from Social Security. I can make the creditor give it back, but there is a lot of red tape involved. My account is never more than $850. What is your experience with this situation, and how would you suggest I handle it since I'll be out of the country? Thanks.
  5. I was going on my usual visitor's visa and apply for the FM3 after I get there. Every book I have read indicates it is a mistake to apply for it in the states. I have a furnished apartment in Mexico, and I thought I would ship my smaller items ahead. Now that I think about it, that might not be the best idea. The shipment would arrive before I do, and I can see a customs nightmare, plus duty. I know I have to have an FM3 before I can open a bank account. I already have a Mexican ID with my apartment address on it. Do you think I should apply for the visa before I leave?
  6. Thanks for your answer. I will still have an apartment in the States and my usual PO box, but only for my Social Security check, from which I can pay rent and use an ATM for cash. I appreciate your help, because it has been really worrying me.
  7. I have substantial debt, mostly in bank credit cards. Not reading the contracts carefully, I also have debts with Best Buy and Lowes, which apparently keep a security interest. I am 73 years old and live only on my social security and $125/month from freelance writing. The SS money goes into my checking account, and I cash the $125 check. I talked to an attorney, and he told me it was foolish for me to declare bankruptcy because that is for people wanting a new start. I do not want a new start. I am concerned about the secured items. I am moving to Mexico in January, and will ship most of my b