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  1. Haha.....kadesdad! Im in Gwinnett county. Has anyone actually been successful in court against Hanna?
  2. awesome, small step in the daunting process.! congrats tho
  3. Thank you guys so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I did alot of stupid stuff when I was younger and ran into some serious hard times after that so Im trying my best to clean up my act. I just wanna make sure these JDB are reporting fairly. My credit report looks like a disaster - incorrect account numbers, dates, junk debt buyers suck at record keeping! and whats worse is two of them have lawfirms after me......errrrr.... .any other things I should look out for that these JUNK debt BUYERS may report incorrectly on their credit reporting entries?
  4. What Ga county are you filing in? I am also in a similar situation with Hanna. Not served yet, but being threatened with multiple letters. I sent a VD but nothing back yet. I assume hell serve papers in response to that? Any updates?
  5. Thank you for your reply. I have a few more ?s Im hoping youll clarify. I think i was using the wrong word in my questions. What i mean is JUNK DEBT BUYERS, not debt collectors that are assigned a debt collection account. My debts have been sold to these JDB, so all questions are referring to either JBD or the original creditors prior to being sold to JDB. 2.) Should a debt collection account be listed as an OPEN account or CLOSED account on one's credit report?...There are two place where these terms are used. An account can be an "open" account, meaning it had no set amount, so it was op
  6. I have read so many different rules about collection agencies and junk debt buyers and their ability to report on your credit report. Ive compiled some questions below specific to my situation. If anyone can give me some insight, it would be helpful. Questions Regarding Debt Collection Accounts (Not w/ original creditors, sold to 3rd parties after charge offs) 1.) Are debt collectors allowed to make repeated hard inquiries to one's credit report? 2.) If a debt collector assigns an attorney to your account, can the attorney make repeated hard inquiries to your account? I've had a "frederic