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  1. Has anyone gotten something like this before? Or know how to avoid getting the same results?
  2. Hello, And thank you for your help. I'm following the formula to better credit from this site. I sent off my first letters to the CRAs a couple of weeks ago and received my first reply from Experian. Unfortunately this is what I got. You can imagine my frustration. I sent the dispute with a copy of my ID. This reply does not make sense considering I was asking for an investigation. It is utter BS. What is the next step? How can I avoid this kind of crap? Thanks again. le sigh.. Tsktsk
  3. Thanks! Fantastic job of wording that for a laymen! Yes I will be disputing these with typed letters. Receipts and all. As for the wording. How specific should I get with the errors? Should I attach proof of my discoveries or let them fish it out? Here's what I have so far: I've reviewed my credit report and have noticed several items that are not accurate. Please investigate these discrepancies and remove them if you can not verify their accuracy as the law allows. Thank you. xxx #xxx xxx This account is listed as being 120 Days Past Due as of <date>. This is not accurate. xxx #xxx xxx The date of first delinquency is not accurate. xxx #xxx xxx The Original Creditor listed with this account is not accurate. My driver's license is attached as proof of identity Sincerely,
  4. New information has come to light. Again thanks for your patience in helping me. I have found letters from the Original Creditor stating that I was 44 days delinquent as of 8/15/2007. On my TU credit report it is remarked that I was up to "Maximum delinquency of 120+ days in 05/2007." A full 3 months before receiving the letter. Obviously these dates do not correlate. Is this good enough proof to ask that it be removed from my CR? Furthermore how can I extend this to Experian and Equifax as they do not contain the same detailed remarks?
  5. Hey, First off, I would like to say what an awesome website! Thanks for all the work that has been put into it. Truly priceless. Here's my question. I'm preparing to start my credit repair and I'm beginning at the top of the list. Dispute with the Credit Bureaus. My concern is that I don't have a great reason for disputing some of the negative accounts. Thus my dispute letter is looking a little lack luster. (No proof!) Should I start with "not my debt" as a matter of protocol? Or should I focus solely on the questionable accounts? Here's a little background information. I have 6 negative accounts listed on each of the big3. Three accounts are the Original Creditor. (AES/NCT - student loans) Status: 120+ Past Due. Three accounts are Collections (Nelson Watson and a&#036;&#036;.) on those accounts. Status: D-Unpaid (I suspect they resold them) My hope is to remove as many of the negative accounts as possible. I am not opposed to paying or settling for what I owe.** I would prefer this as a last option on account of bad business practice. Thanks for your replies. I'll be around to answer any necessary questions. ~T **On another note. We all have our reasons for ending up in our predicaments. I am furious at how I ended up in mine. From a moral standpoint I would feel satisfied just giving these guys the finger. This isn't always practical..
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    test Edit: please delete this thread. Edit: I can post this test thread. I can't post a thread with my actual question. Edit: After exhaustive testing. I can post any thread that doesn't contain the word "Credit" in the title. Go figure. It would take me to a blank white screen if it contained that word.