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  1. At this point should I just retain my lawyer? I am about to be gone on business travel and do not want to leave my wife trying to figure this out on her own. Is this an easy thing to get out of for most lawyers or do I need someone who specializes in this kind of thing? Thank You, GregNTulsa
  2. Full Story here: I got married a year ago and my wife's ex husband had her cosign on a credit card that he used/paid for. At some point he stopped paying for it (probably 1/2005). In 07/2008 Midland who was collecting for Household sent a letter asking to make payment. I helped my wife draft a very basic DV. For just over a year we heard nothing. Then in 7/2009 Midland called her and asked for money. She said I sent you a DV letter and never heard anything and they said okay and faxed her a copy of the original contract with her signature. My wife ignored it for a couple of months and 10/6/09