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  1. Thanks Clydesmon. I think they are out of luck in March.
  2. Hi Clydesmon, The home was sold through foreclosure back in 2010. What does SOL mean. Many thanks for the reply and info .I will check into whether there was a deficiency judgment for the 2nd. Regards. Mick.
  3. Hi There, Received some letters from Veripro Solutions regarding some 2nd Mortgages on homes that were forclosed on and sold back in 2010. Does anyone have any dealings or info with these people. I have sent them Qualified written requests for proof they have anything to do with the loan. They have replied with some old statements ect. They keep calling after being told in the letter not to contact me by phone. I am in Florida. Any info or advise would be greatly appreciated. Regards. Mick.
  4. Hi Debtzapper, Thanks for the info and links, I will research them today. Any other info is greatly appreceated. Regards, Mick.
  5. Hi WhoCares 1000, I have a very good foreclosure attorney looking at the threatening letters. It sounds to me from your reply that these are pretty ruthless individuals. Looks like I'm going to be in a fight with them unless my guy can head them off before a law suit. Many thanks. Mick.
  6. Hi There, Recently got some papers from Ocwen loan sevicing threatening foreclosure. Does anyone have any info on these people. Many thanks. Mick.
  7. Hi Willingtocope, Many thanks for the reply. I'm sure my attorney will deal with them in court,but it is the first time that I have heard this happen so I'm a bit nervous. I am worried that the new magistrate will just rubber stamp this through to get the case closed. Good luck dealing with the "Deed In Lieu". It can be very frustrating sending them the same info over and over again.With me the bank was preparing for Foreclosure at the same time,and filed the summons as soon as I said no more paperwork. Regards, Mick.
  8. Hi there. I dont know if anyone can throw any light on this,but any info would be greatly appreciated. Aproximatly one year ago our primary residence went into Foreclosure after 1 1/2 years of trying to negociate a mortgage modification with the lender. They gave us the runaround with requesting papers over and over again and then changing the person we where dealing with so we had to start from scratch (4 times total). Then we get a summons from another Bank that we had never heard of to forclose on the property. Our attorny filed a responce to the summons about one year ago and we have heard nothing back untill today when I get a letter in the mail stating that the case has been referred to a General magistrate by the origional Judge, and a trial/hearing date has been set. My attorny is going to attend the trial and has ordered a court recorder to be present. I have never heard of this happening before. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might expect from this, or why the case has been reffered. Many Thanks. Mick.
  9. Hi There, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to reopen a case after a Short Sale in Fl. Many Thanks. Mick.
  10. Many thanks Clydesmom for your info. Regards, Mick.
  11. Hi there, Just checked and the only Lien on the vehicle is the one with the bank. Does this mean that the bank has to contact my attorney or the courts and then notify me that they want to place a lein on the vehicle or can they just do it without my knowlage. Many Thanks, Mick.
  12. Thanks Clydesmom, Very much appreciated.
  13. Hi There, A quick question... We have a judgement against us for a equity line of credit. The bank has not done anything about it so far after we sent in our finacial records. My Wife has a vehicle in her name that has a few payments left on it, and then it will be free and clear. Do you think the bank or Attorneys are monitering her credit and the payments and will come after the vehicle as soon as it is paid for. We are located in FL. Any advise would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks. Mick.
  14. Hi There, The banks attorneys have/want to mediate and have put the Arbitration on hold. They have suggested a mediator and sheduled some time in feb2014 for the hearing. They have asked for a hardship letter from me, some bank statements and pay stubs to be sent over to them. I am woundering if I should try and negociate direct with the attorney/debt collector or go with the mediator ?. Just trying to get some guidance of what to expect. Many thanks. Mick.
  15. Credator. Thanks for the reply and info. I will read this through a few times and digest what you say. Have a great thanksgiving. Best regards, Mick.