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  1. Help. I saw a WRIT OF EXECUTION ISSUED , what is this. Creditcard Company. Will they take my car? I still owe on it. Will they come to my house and take my property? HOw will I be served or will I? Any help is appreciated
  2. They already have a lien on the house. They took me to scc a year ago. Entered into a forbearance aggreement. I want to save money now so I want to stop paying. Do I need to list the lein company on the chapter 7 ?
  3. Is there a 90day period after the NOD. Its been more then 3 months since they said they would forclose........but no formal NOD notice. Dont I need to receive that first
  4. Thank you Acreditor received a judgement against me recently. I sent them a letter that i will be filing chapter 7. Which I am. I have my documents ready, but no certificate yet. I was hoping to hold them off with the letter of bk before they try to garnish. I am surrendering my home in the bk, but have not received any forclosure notice. I want to save some money before i actually file hence stopping the hoa fees. once i file i understand the hoa fees after filing I will have to pay. Since the banks are slow to forclose, how long after I file do you think I have before they forclose? Should I get an apartment now before I file? Or after I get a discharge
  5. Stopped paying HOA Entered into a Forberance Aggreement last year. Would they have to take me to small claims court again? First time neither I nor the HOA showed up do to us signing the forbearance aggreement. Court dismessed entire case without preijudice do to nobody showing up.
  6. P and f of calif got a judgement on me. I have a job, nomore then 200 at any time in account. I sent them a letter telling them I am filing chpt 7. I am getting my papers together but will take some time. will file in a few months but I will file. Have a Lawyer and asked they contact the Lawyer. What can I expect in the meantime from them......
  7. I have a job, less then 200.00 in account at anytime. I sent them a letter saying That I am filing chap 7 and I am getting my stuff together. Will take a few months before I file.
  8. Creditor got a judgement. What next? What can I do? how long do I have to appeal? I missed a couple of payments but creditor still took them, and they asked for judgement, can that be a defense?
  9. Hello, I am current on my car. I am deliquent on my cc and home. I am deliquent on lawyer bill. (Family Law) I want to keep my car. I do not want to keep my home I want to include Family Law in chapter 7, can I. Should I stop paying HOA. Been deliquent in past but signed a forberance aggreement. Help
  10. Yea will be no asset case. Losing the house, will ahve about 7000.00 in cash wich I will use my calif exmpt for that. Still paying the car, owe 12000.00 Total asset about 10000.00 in furniture and goods. My 401k should be protected, im in calif
  11. thank you. I know, I feel bad. Im losing my house as well. Total bill is 12500.00 paid out 7300.00 already. Just crazy. BK lawyer is already paid just waiting for the right time.
  12. Can family law lawyer fees be discharged in chapter 7. There my fees, 5216.00. Ive been paying like 25.00 a month case is not closed yet. Ive paid 7300.00 to date. Case is over just not closed due to ex contesting the orders. so the fees keep going up. desprate.................
  13. It was almost a judgement, I belive they asked the court to contiune because we made an aggreement. I wont be filing until January 2011, if I stop paying now will they be able to go back and get their judgement and garnish me?
  14. broke down and made a settlement. I reget it now. Paying monthly. If I stop paying how long before these scums try again. I plan on filing chapter 7 in a few months.
  15. I broke down and made a settlement. I reget it now. Paying monthly. If I stop paying how long before these scums try again. I plan on filing chapter 7 in a few months.