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  1. Every month on the day that my ccard closes for the month, I pay the balance down to zero. The card shows that I have had a high balance of $1700. but current say zero. I was reading some place in here that that would show me as not using my credit and it is bad for my scores. Is that true and if so then how much should I leave as balance each month?
  2. Can only pull report once every 30 day and just got it. Just bought car and put down over 8k, 40%, on auto loan and dealer pulled two different companies for loan. Also got declined from amex on 9/4/12 for Delta card. Looking at my report now and them three are there but also two other banks, SunTrust and Capital City Bank, did pulls on report without my knowledge. It's been two weeks since they pulled and want to know can they just screw me over by pulling reports without my knowledge? What recourse if any do I have to get them removed? This is how much my scores changed 120825: 726ex 725t 695eq 120924: 715ex 713t 695eq 121024: 707ex 696t 691eq BK discharged Jun 2010 Also I was under the impression that any loan app pulled within 30days will only count as one hit against me. But it says 4 inquires. One more question how long does the credit card companies leave the derogatory on each card? Thank you for all the help in me trying to clear thess things up. I really appreciate it.
  3. Just call them and have been declined even with me not a owner on my wife's card. No free baggage on my flight or extra flyer miles. Oh well. 726 exp 725 tran 695 equ
  4. Just applied for Delta AMEX card with respond guaranteed within 60 sec. and then got answer of you will be notified within 14 days so doesn't look good to me. We'll see. 726 exp 725 tran 695 equ
  5. Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card by AMEX issued by American Express. Anybody know if this will give me a card? I was a user on my wife's Amex card that we filled against. We filed in Feb 2010 and were discharged June 2010. Looking to get card in my name if possible. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Well I'm just using CreditKeeper to monitor my changes and three scores. Can only pull it once a month and they go to the minute. Tonight I can pull mine after 2:52am because that's the time I pulled last one. It is run by Experian so take it for what it's worth. Also I filed a number of disputes thru them and all I had to do was go over report with them and they did all the filings and ever thing, but it took 45 days for answer. But it did wonders for my credit scores Find out your current credit situation. Review and monitor your reports from the top 3 credit bureaus today. Credit ReportYour Credit Report includes the following sections: Your personal information Credit and account history about your current and past credit status Public records includes bankruptcy, court records and tax liens Credit inquiries of those who obtained your credit reports Personal Credit ScorePersonal Credit Scores based on your credit reports and calculated using the CreditXpert scoring model, include: Analysis of how you rate compared to the US population Your score category (Very Poor to Excellent) Top factors that impact your score Credit Report MonitoringCreditKeeper monitors your report daily – you will be notified by email when: New accounts are opened in your name Derogatory information is posted in your credit report Inquiries are reported You will also be notified monthly if there are NO changes They charge $9.99 per month and the charge is the day of month you sign up, not pull date. Experian - 729 Equifax - 699 TransUnion - 724
  7. I have Filed and was discharged June 0f 2010 Just pulled my credit reorts 8/14/11 and I have list Current Delinquencies as Experian 9 Equifax 11 TransUnion 2 Shouldn't these been taken off with the discharge? EQ 687 8/14/11 TU 681 8/14/11 EXP 685 8/14/11
  8. Got a card from Merrick Bank mailing. Limit of $1750 to start. I was searching the web after I got card and decided to goog them again and up pops website Merrick Banks sucks. So I didn't use the card at all. A few months later I decided to try card for $25 purchase just to get acitivity on it. After swiping it, it asked me for a pin which I didn't have for cc. So I paid cash. Tried to go online with account haveing already been activated. Don't know which password I used so I tried to reset password and everytime I filled out info and clicked it said internal error from website. So I called 800 number and had to give first person all kinds of personal info. She told me that card hadn't beenactivated and that she would activate there. Then I got transfered to tech support. They said card wasn't activated and I explained that it was just done again. He asked for all kind of different personal info even tho he knew my name when I got transfered. I refused to give more info and he hung up on me. I called back and when they answered phone I said I wanted to talk to supervior. He said I need to give him info before he could transfer me. I said no and the only thing he kept saying was I need to give him info before I would be transfered. I asked him his name and he said Don. I said what is you r last name so I can write a letter and he said Smith. So I said yea right and he said my name is Dan Smith. Funny how his name changed. JUST AVOID MERRICK BANK AND SAVE YOURSELF AGERVATION
  9. Exactly what happen to me and we, wife and me joined in 1975 and they kicked us out after all that time. And did you notiice that car insurance went up after filiog. That's what wrong with this country. You hit a bump in the road and companies abandon you. Let me know if you find a good monitoring site. Like to be able to pull once a week if possible without having to take out a mortgage to pay for monitoring service Good Luck.
  10. USAA is one of the best and as a member it's only 5.50 per month with unlimit new pulls. Only problem is when we fileed it had USAA as one of the cards that I filed against. So they discontinued my membership after 36 years with them. Now I am looking for the site that has unlimited new pulls for short money. Wouldn't mind a site that allows a dual membership for the wife and me for a single fee. Any thoughs on best plan?
  11. buc


    My discharged was scheduled to happen over a week ago and I still haven't heard anything from the courts. How long does it usually take? Thanks buc
  12. I had a US Air card that was closed when I filed. Can I get a secured card to keep my miles from expirating? It is with Barclay Bank. I had two acct with Barclay when I filed. Both had about 4k balances. If not does anyone know if I can have my wife open a cc with my ff miles. She filed also but didn't have any Barclay cards. Less than two weeks for discharge!!
  13. Just got an offer from First Premier with a $300 limit. The fees were $241 to start for one card and an interest rate of 59.6%. Am going to try for secured card after it is discharge in May. Already been and everything went well. Now the wait.
  14. I filled a month and half ago. Our hearing is next week. About 12k with all the fees between the two of us.