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  1. I stopped making payments in 2003, which is when I became delinquent. The amount owed was charged off/account closed in 2005. I just started making payments again this year. Thanks. =) Tina
  2. Shortbus: Yes, the account has been charged off. When I called the credit union regarding this negative item on my CR, they requested that I start paying off my balance, so I am making monthly payments. Denita: I am making payments to the credit union. Thanks so much. =)
  3. Hi everyone! I am new to the message board. If a similar question has been posted previously, I apologize in advance. I financed an automobile in Nov 2001 through JACOM, a small credit union based in Los Angeles. I went through some tough times and became very delinquent on payments. My car was repossessed in Mar 2003(my last partial payment being Feb 2003. I recently ordered a copy of my Experian credit report. The auto account is on my report as a negative item and it states that it will remain on my report 'til Mar 2012. That is 9 years from the date vehicle was repossessed. I contacted the credit union. They said that "the 7-year clock starts from the date the balance was charged off/account closed". However, I read on the Experian Ask Max advice column that "Charged-off accounts: Remain seven years from the date of the initial missed payment that led to the charge off (the original delinquency date)". I tried contacting the credit union again but they informed me that "I'm wasting their time". I am trying to get my life back in order and fixing my credit with accurate info is one of my priorities. I tried disputing via Experian online and by mail, but I received a response letter stating that this item could not be disputed again because they are claiming it was verified previously. Questions... 1. Does the 7-year clock start at the original delinquency date, OR the date the balance was charged off/account closed? 2. If I am correct in this matter, since Experian will not allow me to dispute this matter, and the credit union will not speak to me, what would be my next option? Whom should I call or write to? Any SPECIFIC instructions would be greatly appreciated to point me in the right direction. By the way, I am still making payments. Small amounts but it's what I can afford and I make sure to send at the end of each month. The credit union(original creditor) never sold my debt to an outside agency. Thanks everyone! =)