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  1. Just my 10 cents worth. I have sent out DV letters with the ARB verbiage in them to numerous collection agency's and JDB's some of which represent the OC and others that have bought the alleged debt. I would say that 90% of them have failed to respond or have passed them onto another collection/JDB agency's. Now I am not saying that I have defeated them but it sure seems like it has put them in A difficult position and raises the bar in my favor. I had one call from a JDB today that was not aware that they had received several letters from me? and then just put the phone down. If anything it buys time and lets you see who is going to pursue the matter and who is not. regards. FR
  2. Good to see you back MGO5. Keep up the good work. FR
  3. Hi freddy01. If you are pretty sure that you are going to end up with a judgment against you.I think it would be better to call the attorneys and work out a payment plan.just tell it like it is and don't let them push you around. Be prepared to argue with them and stand your ground,a payment plan for them is a win so they will work with you. Have a look at FL statutes 222.61 it will tell you how to protect your wages from garnishment if you end up with a judgment. If you can avoid a judgment it would be better for you. Just my opinion not legal advise. Good luck. FR
  4. Does this mean that collection agency's can come after you for the outstanding balance or does the 2nd die when the property is foreclosed on. We are getting phone calls from debt collectors saying that now it is a personal debt and we owe them the money.We have sent DV letters to them but they just keep calling. will this ever end. Regards. FR
  5. Wow I thought I was leading the way. Lindsay has me beat. Get your DV letters ready. and elect arbitration in them. FR>
  6. Good point jkg3. I will give everything a lot of consideration. It will be good info to see where this tactic could go though. Regards. FR.
  7. They have 10 days to file a counterclaim. I have sent an email to AAA asking what my options are and will update everyone when I get an answer from them. I think if they file again they have to pay all the fees. regards. FR.
  8. Hi there. Since the case got dismissed by the court Because the attorneys for the plaintiff did not answer the phone, and not because I had elected arbitration. Would this be grounds for me to withdraw my arbitration from AAA. Before the court hearing I initiated ARB to get me out of the courts,but know I don't need it if you see what I mean. I'm thinking that if I withdraw my dispute from AAA the fees that Discover paid would be returned to them, and then they would have to initiate ARB again or file another lawsuit against me. If they did file another lawsuit against me I would elect ARB again to resolve matters. Regards. FR.
  9. Hi there jkg3. can you explain FCRA and TCPA. Sorry I'm not good with acronyms. I think i have some FDCPA violations with the original attorneys. Since the case got dismissed it was handed over to another attorney. I have not heard from them yet,but I expect I will soon. Regards. Federal Reserve.
  10. Debt around $17,500.00 they got billed about $1800.00 initial filing fees. Regards. Federal Reserve.
  11. Thanks for the input Trueq. I will see what they file as a counterclaim and go from there. I guess another trip to the court house is in order. Regards. fedral Reserve.
  12. Hi There. Just got a fax from AAA saying that the OC has paid the Business payment of the Admin fees. and that the filing requirements have been met so AAA are commencing administration in this matter. the respondent has 10 days to file a counterclaim (which i am assuming they will) it looks like AAA has also selected and arbitrator. What do I need to do at this stage to get prepared for the next step. Regards. fedral reserve.
  13. Great Job MGO5. This Info is really making A difference. Keep it coming . regards. FR
  14. Hi There. The Judge looked at the complaint and my motion to dismiss (I have elected ARB ) . He has left it with the OC's attorney to request A hearing. The clerk of the court suggested I check in with them every week to see if any additional papers have been filed. She reminded me that the attorneys may try to sneak an MSJ in without my knowledge which I thought was very nice of her. I thought I would put this info out to everyone to remind people to keep A check on things on A regular basis. I have all the papers ready to send to AAA to initiate ARB. Do you think I should just wait and see or Initiate ARB now. Regards. FR & Wife.
  15. Hi There. Fantastic info guys. This is sort of stuff we all need to prepare ourselves ahead of time. I need all the help I can get to guide me through these muddy waters. So far everyone has been right on the mark in dealing with these scumbags. Keep the info flowing . and again many thanks. Regards. FR & Wife