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  1. bown chicka bow bow..that's what my baby says.....mau mau mau..and my heart starts pumpin'.... lol. i have a 12 year old, so i'm subjected to it all the time. i like it, but i prefer weirder, dumber stuff, like aqua teen hunger force, king of the hill, venture bros, etc. and of course, tom and jerry.. s.g.
  2. wow. i didn't know they would try to be that slick, lol. i just thought the lawyer would try to make me look stupid and guilty. i will be on the lookout for that, and object to hearsay, improper evidence, etc. i appreciate your input. this process is still kinda scary, but it makes a person feel more empowered when she knows what might be coming. thanks again. s.g.
  3. thanks so much for the reply. i was curious about the record, but i want to make sure i was being "civil"..for lack of a better word. my court system stresses politeness and order, and i didn't want to seem overbearing and too inexperienced. thanks again!! s.g.
  4. yeah, i hope someone answers, since this part still has me confused. i've read the RCP in IL and it isn't quite clear. the folks here could definitely shed some light upon this. good luck all, s.g.
  5. yeah. it is really sad. i think the process is very scary, but life isn't easy, so i'm preparing myself as best i can for battle, since that is all i can do. i went and observed the court in action in my state, and it was really sad. most of the folks being sued were minorities; none of the plaintiffs were. i heard dialects from eastern europe, asia, and some spanish, too. 99% of the defendants kept their coats on (it's cold here) and wore jeans, street clothes, just everyday stuff. they looked awkward and you could tell that they were very uncomfortable. everybody looked doe-eyed and defeated. it was really an eye-opener. the same lawyer (or legal assistant) handled several cases, many from different clients (some from citibank, other credit cards, etc). nobody fought any of the charges and everybody tried to just settle. it was very scary. s.g.
  6. meaning: in one credit report, the CA lists a debt as $4000 in 2007 then, in another report the CA lists the same debt as $3500, also in 2007 and finally, in a summons from 2008, the CA lists the debt as $2900. what gives? i could see a debt going up (because of their screwy, usury/interest), but going DOWN? that seems weird. what do you guys think? s.g.
  7. ok, call me dumb, but i've been reading through scores of great posts and threads on this site, but i cannot seem to figure out how to get evidence admitted into small claims court. for instance, if you (a defendant) file a motion stating that some piece of the plaintiff's evidence should be stricken--like a statement of account--do you attach your evidence that the amount is invalid? what do you do, add your own statement (like a bill or something) and call it exhibit b? i'm kinda confused on this one. thanks. s.g.
  8. WOW! that link is awesome! thanks for sharing it! i couldn't believe the answers the sworn guy said. just crazy! and that's what judges are basing decision upon? wow. s.g.
  9. this is a very helpful post. are there any other hints for objecting? what about when a lawyer tries to admit hearsay or something? do i just interrupt or wait until she finishes to "object" on my grounds (that it is hearsay, etc)? thanks. s.g
  10. and i've found that some let their licenses lapse or get them cancelled but still collect in the state, unbeknownst to folks who don't first check the CA/JDB licenses. i don't think most people check this kind of thing; they just freak out and assume that everything in the summons and about the case is valid because "lawyers are smart" or "i don't have a law degree" etc. well, everybody makes mistakes, and some are really big ones the CA/JDBs don't want you to notice. s.gxdancex
  11. howdy all: in IL we can file motions in small claims court too. the form doesn't leave much space for explanation, so you have to be very brief. will y'all read my motion to dismiss with prejudice and offer your opinions? here is the text: Plaintiff JDB v Defendant Sad Jane (date and all that formal stuff was filled in too) Motion by Defendant Sad Jane for Dismissal with Prejudice Defendant Sad Jane moves this Court to grant the following relief: I, Defendant Sad Jane, humbly pray the Court to Dismiss with Prejudice this case on the following grounds: 1. Plaintiff states that JDB is authorized to do business in the State of Illinois. This is false. JDB does not have a license to do business in the State of Illinois as stipulated by the Illinois Collection Agency Act. 2. Plaintiff lacks evidence to pursue this complaint. Plaintiff: a) includes hearsay; includes a Bill of Sale which does not directly stated that the Plaintiff has purchased the specific debt alleged; c) includes a Statement of Accounts that is not supported by signatures or receipts; d) includes an agreement which has not been signed by the Defendant in lieu of the actual contract alleged. (the actual wording varies slightly. i still don't know exactly how the trolls who might roam the site work.) thanks in advance for any opinions. s.g.
  12. howdy all: You can download forms used for small claims cases in Illinois. They have a nifty forms-fill feature, so that you can type your text in handily. Just google cook country clerk of court, find the website, and follow the links on the left for forms. (I'm a newbie so I can't post the actual link just yet.) Hope folks find this useful. s.g.
  13. GH: I definitely agree. Besides, there is so much great info here that I have been reading for a couple of days before I even signed up! The site is really fantastic and quite helpful. Makes you feel so much better that you are not in an unfair fight alone and defenseless. s.g.
  14. I am a newbie, so I am not allowed to PM. I'm unsure about posting the number here: is that safe and an allowed practice? I appreciate the response as well; I do know that time is valuable and that everyone is very busy. Best, s.g.
  15. May I request a copy as well? I'm new here, and I've been scouring the internet for days trying to find this agreement. Thank you, and hi to everyone. s.g.
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