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  1. I am filling out my Demand for Arbitration before JAMS. Can someone please tell me what to put on the section ELECTION FOR EXPEDITED PROCEDURES (COMPREHENSIVE RULE (16.1). TIA, Angelique
  2. I just got my letter from JAMS today, they won't accept my waiver fee either. But they did say all I need to pay is $125.00 and Merrick bank has to pay for all other expenses. So I'm going to pay the 125. The total I owe Merrick bank is 1400 so I hoping they will try to settle. So far they refuse too. I chose the Washington DC JAMS office. Next time I will try AAA or maybe a JAMS office that will accept the waiver.
  3. Does anyone know what address to use for Merrick Bank? I'm filling out the JAMS form and the only address on the complaint is the lawyers. TIA
  4. Yes, I answered the complaint and then ask for a motion to compel. I am filing with JAMS today. The arbitration agreement says I have 90 days after the complaint to file for arbitration, so I'm still within the time limit. I don't know if it will do any good but I'm filing anyway.
  5. I filed a motion to compel arbitration and the magistrate denied it. He said he wll not stay the case but he would hear the case, and for me to file with the arbitration board. Now I need some advice what to do and should I file NAF,JAM OR AAA. Which would be the best. TIA
  6. I am going to file arbitration in WV. I have looked and cannot find out the laws in WV on arbitration. Can someone help? I need to know if: 1. Is there a time limit on when I can file? 2. Can I file after a court date has been issued? 3. Do I need the credit card agreement when I file? tia
  7. Ok I understand now. I do not know if they have a written contract iT is the original oc suing or at least I think it is. I sent in my answer but never recieved any answer back. Are they suppose to answer me?