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  1. NO WAY!!!! Most states require licensing in order that the state gets their cut of the buisness operating in that state.
  2. well, it's been awhile since I added to this. So the case is over and yes the Judge did grant me court costs Haven't gone after them for my $50 (Well now it's $55 due to 10% interest) yet. Think I'll have the other half go down to court house and get info to file a Judgement Debtor's examination in order to put this thing to rest. Also Later on tonight I'll post word for word all my motions filed in regards to this case to help others. Boy it was an exciting ride, and one that I dont want to go on agian. Wife is getting ready to file BK so we can rebuild and get into a house in next 2-3yrs
  3. thanks all for the congrats. Just to clarify here. They agreed to dismiss this case WITH PREDJUDICE so these bastards can not come back after us!!!! The court fee's were only $50 to answer the compliant. I know $50 is not much but now it's just a matter of principal with me!!!! As Isoroku Yamamoto stated after the attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve." No other quote fits me better at this point!!! When we goto court to finish this case in April I will go in for the kill!! These JDB's need to learn that the general public is getting smarter and smarter and that if they wanna use these strong arm tactics that they better make sure that their I's are dotted and their T's are crossed!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way what worked for me was the fact that AZ requires JDB's to be licensed to collect in this state and they are not!!! I assume they dont want to jepordize their current, future and past cases with the court dismissing this case based on the fact that they are not licensed
  4. yes but I'm still gonna get my damn court fee's back!!!!!. I'll be drafting a letter tonight to their lawyer stating that If we dont get back our court fee's that I will report the JDB to the state for collecting without a license and that will cost that company a far cry more then the $50 I had to spend to file my answer
  5. ok got response to my motion to dismiss today. Seems like they dont want to fight!!!! The MTD was based on them not being licensed in this state. Their response didnt admitt to any wrong just that they wish not to pursue the issue. However they are objecting to my request for court fees. but overall I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!! chualk up another win for Pro Se!!!!!!!!! And another win for this forum!!!!!!!!!
  6. actually not a customer service rep but a credit analyst. and yes in fact we do send a letter to our customers any time we "re-age" an acct reporting removing a derog. This letter in and of itself acts as confirmation and in times that the bureaus dont update timley (which is an ungodly amount of the time), proof that their acct is and allways was in good standing. It would be easier for me to talk in industry jargon but would not get the point across as effictively
  7. actually if the electric company did it correctly then they'll remove the derog completly and it will show as a positive on your CBR. You should ask the electric company to send out a copy of the letter that they sent the cbr
  8. I admitt that I miss the "lawns" of where i grew up in NE, but since golf courses out number people 200 to 1 here. I now think of a golf course as a lawn
  9. I forget who said it but it was said somewhere in this site that the courts are just a like a sport, you have 2 opposing sides (plaintiff and defendant) and a referree (the judge). I'm gonna go about this the same way that my fav college football team used to do it, make 'em fight for every yard they gain and tire them out in the first half and run over 'em in the second!!!! ( GO BIG RED!!! ). You can build a house on rocky ground that may stay for awhile but if you dont want them to build then you need topple each stone they place so they never get any footing.
  10. not my case but is a good read. basicly I'm in the process right now of dotting my T's and crossing my I's an just preparing for the next round of oral arguments on my MTD on basis that they are trying to collect on a debt and are not licensed to operate collections activity in AZ and since the statue states they must be licensed to collect, and they are not, they have no cause of action and without cause of action there can be no suit since their cant be any suit then the case itself must be dismissed
  11. Arizona Winter's, Spring, and Fall While you're shoveling your car out of a 5 foot snow bank and having the tires cemented to the ground by 5 inches of snow, drinking hot cocoa by the gallons to stay warm! I'm relaxing pool side with a nice cold margerita taking photo's of my self in a hot tube on xmas day complaining that it's only 75 degree's outside. Arizona Summer's Ok so for 3 months of the year I'm driving with oven mitts on my hand to keep myself from burning my hands on the stearing wheel, wishing I went with the fabric interior instead of the leather, driving to las vegas and seeing satan on the interstate selling ice cubes, passing thru the desert and watching lizards self combust do to the heat. Never traveling to far from a pool!
  12. thanks. I'm glad he seems to be a good judge too. It was just surprising as all hell to me when after I presented my arguement and he asked her if she had any objections to granting the motion and she told told him "No. I have no objections. I don't need the affidavit to prove my case." that he still gave her the tongue lashing. My wife and I sat their and stared at each other in awe as we, at this time, could not beleave what we were hearing. The attorney seems as a nice enuf gal but I will nail her butt to the wall with every bit of evidence she submits!!
  13. I know that the case's are out their. I mean seriously if a debt collector owns a debt and they are suing u then they trying to collect a debt. I just need to document that a lawsuit is a collections effort under either UCC or FDCPA
  14. actually this is incorrect!!! I actually disputed my student loan with trans,exp,equif and actually had them deleted off my credit report and their still off after 4yrs. Now I'm not saying that this is gonna happen everytime but it DID WORK FOR ME
  15. I did forget to mention that huh oops sorry glad someone else caught it. I'm more used to community prop states