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  1. They never say who the actual OC is when the alleged account was created? If they didn't provide that, with their address, then no they didn't validate. LVNV may own the debt but they are not the OC that created that debt. You are in TX., you need to read up on how well protected you are there as a consumer. This sounds like an old debt, since its in LVNV's hands?
  2. You are absolutely correct, your SSN is none of their business! Nothing beyond your name, address, and whatever account number they are referencing.
  3. Usually if they are still updating your credit info it may state, charge off/sold or just sold to another or sold to another lender, something along those lines and it would be a $0 balance listed. Sometimes that's all they do is list a $0 balance and you could infer from that, that it's sold, but that is not an absolute, usually if they still own it they will keep the balance owed listed. I don't know what password or code you are referring to, but with your CR you would have the account number and contact info, as well as, your demographics to be able to ascertain whether the account is stil
  4. I thought, with rule 68, that if you didn't get awarded higher than their offer, then you had to pay both sides costs after the offer? Either way, a win is a win!! Congrats!!
  5. Did you send them a C&D? I would send them a C&D and inform them they are beyond reporting time and to get off your report. I would also file complaints with their and your AG's if its different states. Inform them you filed the complaints and will also hire an attorney if they are not immediately removed from your reports. Is this an OC or CA? Either way they are beyond reporting time. The C&D may not work for an OC, the AG complaints will though! I would probably still send the C&D anyway, its cheap enough to me to see if they will comply. Just cover everything in one letter
  6. I would be feeling the same way as you, if I was in this situation. I would wait for them to actually file their claim in court, that way you have them dead on that issue, not just the threat, you know what I mean? Now that's funny!
  7. Case law has dictated that they can respond to your DV without violating the C&D.
  8. I totally agree, store cards are always sub-prime rates no matter your score. Your best bet is get a credit card through a local credit union, best rates and service by far, your scores should get you this. How did you get an Ex score, I thought right now Ex wasn't providing scores?
  9. I would say solicitations or contributions, collections leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but that's just me. But you are definitely right and I was one of those that was POd when I got some political calls and some others, but they are very few thankfully. I don't mind getting calls for the local police, fire, and SPCA but I always give them money that's why I thought they called.
  10. That's the way it is in PA and there is tons of case law to support it. Don't get me wrong PA has a lot of consumer protections and really looks out for its citizens in tons of ways. But this little detail is what all consumer lawyers in PA preach about. Do not admit the debt. Do not acknowledge the debt. Do not make payment arrangements, because a judge may see this as an admission on an already SOL debt.
  11. You don't sound like any kind of wimp to me! You need to put a disclaimer under that name!
  12. I kind of think, yes, just like a C&D. The way I'm thinking is, you are electing arb, for the dispute between you and the current owner of the debt. If there is a new owner of the debt then I think there would be a new dispute, so to speak, as far as electing arb with the new party. I kind of get the feeling that the arb election would only be between those parties at the time. Hopefully, I'm wrong.
  13. http://www.pennlawyer.com/ Click on Creditor Harassment. The FDCPA provides for a private right of action against violators. This means that you can get a lawyer and sue for damages. A partial list of damages that are awardable are: * Statutory damages up to $1,000 for each case. This means that the violator can be charged even though there are no other damages (see below). * Attorney's fees. You can make the violator pay for your lawyer. This is big advantage; lawyers are expensive! * Actual damages including: o Stress related injuries: + Heart attack,
  14. PA is $8000, Phila. is $10000. I remember reading something about them discussing raising Phila. to $12000 which may end up raising the rest of the state to $10000 but I don't think that has happened yet, if at all.
  15. You're right, don't get your credit dinged until you're ready and positioned the best way you can be. I know it's frustrating waiting, but for what you want to do every point is important. Good luck!