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  1. Send it to the JDB's attorney. Always send a copy of anything you file with the court to the plaintiff's counsel. Wait for the court to rule on your motion before filing in arb. And since the OC is Synchrony, JAMS should be available.
  2. Who is the OC? If arbitration is an option, I would do nothing until they sue you (and they might not). Then I would file a motion to compel arbitration. You can probably end up paying nothing, or at most a $250 fee to JAMS.
  3. I think @RyanEX is the CA expert here.
  4. Arbitration is the way to go here. You need to answer the lawsuit and file a motion to compel arbitration. Don't file in JAMS until the MTC arb is granted.
  5. Who is the OC? If arbitration is an option, that is the best way to beat a JDB. Also, CA has a borrowing statute. If the OC uses Delaware law (a number of them do), then the DE SOL (3 years) may have run out. I think Resurgent v. Chambers is the relevant case law.
  6. The OC is Citi. The OP is now dealing with a JDB.
  7. My feeling is it never hurts to be thorough and cover all the bases. I have seen some cases where a person settles with one JDB and the account is sold to another one. Which then tries to collect the balance.
  8. And, upon your payment of $400, the debt is settled in full and PRA will not sell the account.
  9. Depends if you think it's worth it to put the matter to rest. PRA has been paying arb fees in some cases posted here. Get the settlement details in writing. Include any additional issues like those you mentioned. Also be aware of tax consequences of a settlement. You will get a Form 1099 C for the remainder of the debt.
  10. Are these two different, separate debts from two OCs that have been combined in one lawsuit?
  11. Ohio muni courts have a small claims division, but also hear cases that are not small claims, if the amount is $15K or less. Check out the Ohio Revised Code on small claims court. It clearly states assignees (which is what a JDB is) can't use it. I'd link but I'm not sure how with this smartphone.