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  1. Hi, My wifes mother has a stand alone savings account at a bank. She has her daughter on as authorized signor in the event she would pass. If judgement is won against her daughter, can they touch Mom's account? Thanks
  2. I settled many other cards but not Amex. I do however think 30% is good for them. Yes get something in writing before sending any money.
  3. OZZIE69


    I have heard som many bad things about them. Just recieved back 2 green cards from DV letter. They just scribbled a name and date. Obviously they do not want me to know who accepted. Such Pin Heads!!!!!!:'>
  4. Income maybe $70k before taxes. Liabilities still exceed assets. What about worksheet would I do one for each settlement date?
  5. I am looking at filing 982 to prove insolvency on settled credit cards. There is a worksheet that must be completed showing Assets and Liabilities. I settled 5 cards at different times in 2010. Would I have to provide 5 different worksheets since Liab has changed as cards were settled? Also, I am self employed and may fudge some numbers when doing my taxes. I DO NOT want to be audited. I could prove the insolvency though. Anyone know if filing 982 in anyway triggers an audit. Thank You
  6. We received first dunning letter in regards to a Chase account. Since my spouse is judgement proof today and will be for next few years and I cannot pay, should we even bother sending DV letter? Or, should I just send cease and desist letter? Thanks
  7. A few of my spouses cards have now charged off. United Recovery Service has been calling her for a week now. Today they called her sister-in-law. Not sure how they got her number. We have yet to receive duning letter from anyone. I need a refresher, can they call even though no letter have been received? Thanks
  8. I have heard nothing since July. How would I find out where debt is today? Or status of debt? Thanks
  9. Yes. You will recieve letter asking for payement. You then have 30 days to send DV.
  10. I like that answer jq26. The only problem I may have is due to my income we may fail means test and not be able to do Chapter 7.
  11. Elan Financial is now 150 days late on $11,200. Received letter today saying "Serious Collection Action Alert" last chance to resolve. I have no funds to settle and am going to just wait and see what happens. Would now be a good time to send letter stating that I elect arbitration? Thanks
  12. http://courts.michigan.gov/scao/selfhelp/general/answers.htm#filing http://courts.michigan.gov/scao/selfhelp/intro/questions.htm http://www.michiganlegalaid.org/library_client/resource.2006-03-07.0642840284/html_view Read about arbitration also.
  13. I did settle with them on 4 cards earlier this year. Other than that nothing else. My wife did give them authority to talk to me about debt earlier in the year.