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  1. Hi all...I have a court date in MAY 2010. Looks like it's rule nisi at the court docket says...Motion to Dismiss affadavit. I filed this motion to the court. Am I going to have to prove to the court why this isn't my debt? I plan to deny everything including the affadavit, but that is the only proof that it is NOT my debt. Isn't it the burden of the Plantiff to prove that it is my debt? Is the judge or the Plaintiff going to ask me a series of questions? How do I prove it's not my debt? Please help.
  2. Hi...can anyone tell me what Rule Nisi mean? I have a court date for April 2010, because LVNV is suing me and the Motion Hearing for Summary Judgment was denied. Does this mean, I'm screwed?
  3. I'm trying to write my response to LVNV's motion and supporting brief for summary judgment and am so lost. Please help.
  4. Thanks everyone for the repsonses, but I've posted a little more detail. Ok...this is complaint from LVNV was sent to me in August: 1. Defendant is a resident of said County and State and is therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the court. 2. The Defendant is indebted to the Plaintiff in the sum of $4653.34 as a balance due on acct. for charges incurred by Defendant under a credit card account and credit privileges provided by Planitiffs's Predecessor to Defendant which account has been assigned to Plaintiff. 3. Demand has been made upon said Defendant for the balance due. Despite said
  5. Hi all. This is this is my first time being sued, nervous and appreciate any assistance beforehand. 1) I live in GA...debt was written off in 2007 by Citifinancial now represented by LVNV funding. 2)They delivered a summons to my house Sept 14, 2009 and I then answered the complaint Oct.7, 2009 (answered, filed w/clerk and sent certified letter to Plaintiff. 3) I just received a letter from the Plaintiff stating: Plaintiff's motion and supporting brief for summary judgment. They attached an affidavit and They sent this on a "General Civil Case Final Disposition Form: Summary Judgment. HELP: