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  1. hi all ... thanks so much for your help - I have sent the C&D letter via CMRRR/filed my green card etc - & I haven't hear back from MDLD - so I am hoping they have "moved on". I have one other question regarding this account (which i believe is an old Dell CC). Is it worth it to try to get this deleted via CRA's? -or- just wait it out (and work on other "baddies")?It shows up as an open account - and is hurting my utilization. I have an auto lease & 1 CC (crap1 $300) and trying to 'rebuild'! Neither is showing any payment history or DOFD - . this is what MDLD is reporting on my TU and EX (Im locked out of EQ - waiting for snail mail report to arrive) TRANSUNION Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type Open Account Loan Type Factoring Company Balance $3500 Date Updated 3/09/2015 Original Amount $1800 Original Creditor CIT Bank Past Due $3500 Pay Status In Collection Remarks >Placed for Collection >Estimated Month/ Year item will be removed 10/2015 EXPERIAN Original Creditor CITI Type Debt Buyer Terms 1 Month On Record Until Aug 2015 Recent Bal as of 03/04/2015 $3,500 Crdt Lmt/Orignal Bal $1,800 High Bal $0 Month Payment $0 Recent Payment $0 Date Opened 01/01/12 Date of Status 04/01/12 First Reported 03/01/12 Responsibility Individual Status Collection Account $3421 past due as of Mar 2015
  2. thank you for all the feedback! ... I've already sent C&D letters (simple letters) to the two TL's on my CR's that are past SOL - but, still withing reporting SOL (should fall off within the next 6 months). So, these CA's have my updated info. I suppose I worry more about very old stuff - that has fallen off over the past few years - that could one day pop back up via JDB - /sewer service - wrong address - default judgement etc .... but, as mentioned in the replies above --- very little one can do other then be 'cognizant' via check online court dockets and CR's. I did read up on the new laws passed in NY .... I wonder if other states will follow along .....
  3. HI I have been reading and reading ... and then reading even more! .... Anyone have any strategies to help prevent JDB's from obtain default judements on CR TL's that are @6 or more years -and beyond SOL - via sewer services? I know removing old addesses is a MUST - and I have been working on that. However, JDB's are known to send correspondance to old addresses. I recently sent out to 2 C&D letters to two collection agencies - indicating - I dispute this bill. The statute of limitations has expired on this debt. I refuse to pay and demand you cease and desist all collection efforts. Please DO NOT contact me anymore. I was looking through Whychat's info .... and there was a recommendation to send the following letter to CRA's -requesting deletion for a disputed item (with copies of the CD letter sent to the CA) "LETTER TO CRA AFTER SOL LETTER TO CA THIS LETTER IS TO BE USED ONLY AFTER PROOF OF DELIVERY TO CA OF SOL LETTER" Have any of you used this tactic on a TL passed SOL yet still within reporting SOL? Any other ideas on strategies to help prevent default judgements - that for whatever reason you are unaware of until a default judgement hits your CR?
  4. its showing on both TU and experian! .. if I dispute - can they change the info and try to collect/sue? Right now its reporting as an "open account" - w/the following -- Balence - $0 Original Amont $1,067 Pay Status: Account Paid in Full; was a Collection Date Closed 01/23/2012 PAID COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 08/2018
  5. Trying to figure out how to interpret this ....
  6. Hi all! ... Once again, I have a question that I hope you help me with. I am finally offensively working to clean up my credit reports after navigating a few JDB letter situations. I am beyond grateful for all the help provided by this dedicated community - once I have some success of my own - i look forward to helping others, too! The following is a TL from my Transunion report (I was not aware of this debt before pulling my reports late feb). Evidentally, its from a houseing/rental community that i lived in and vacated summer of 2011. I suspect its for "damages" (perhaps a carpet stain etc).... as I was told by several residents that the facility was known to charge " misc damage fees" - and not always notify residents who have moved on. - I have never paid anything on this TL -I have never spoken or corrosponded with a CA about this TL ABC BUSINESS #347184** 1223 MAIN RDSUITE 200 ANYWHERE, FL 32256-2071 (900) 733-3033 Placed for collection: 10/10/2011 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Balance: $0 Date Updated: 01/23/2012 Original Amount: $1,067 Original Creditor: RICHARDSON SDA (Rental/Leasing) Pay Status: >Account Paid in Full; was a Collection< Date Closed: 01/23/2012 Remarks: >PAID COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 08/2018 Here are my questions: Account Type - listed as OPEN ACCOUNT Balence - $0 Original Amont $1,067 Pay Status: Account Paid in Full; was a Collection Date Closed 01/23/2012 PAID COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 08/2018DOESNT THIS INDO INDICATE THAT THE DEBT IS CLOSED AND PAID OFF? IF NOT - WHAT SHOULD i EXPECT TO HAPPEN NEXT -- WILL THEY CHANGE THE PAY STATUS? If I dispute this TL with the CA - what is the chance that they will "fix/update/correct" the info and start trying to collect? (Since the original creditor was a property management company I suspect records are much easier to track down then with CC)?
  7. Thanks Tomn Tex! ... I had a feeling you would say that! ... I had no intention of getting tricked into their manipulation. The part of the letter that gets me is: The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it. If you do not pay the debt, we may continue to report it to the credit reporting agencies as unpaid. They are acknowledging SOL ... yet, what they claim is not true. In my case if i do anything they are requesting (which i will NOT) it will extend the CR reporting ....if I do nothing - the TL's will fall off in a few months... .... I will send a short and sweet C&D CMRRR w/copy of their letter ....
  8. Pulled my credit report last month to start trying to clean things up ... and the "PULL" has seemed to open the flood gate of CA activity. Today I got an interesting letter, with a twist (see letter), from Midland Credit Management. The Tradelines are scheduled to dall off 8/2015 - 10/2015. I am not sure if I should just ignore it - or send a C&D letter. Any thoughts? LETTER INCLUDES MCM Account # Original Creditor: Name Original Creditor # You are pre-approved for a 40% discount! Call now: 800: 282-2644 Choose the Option that works for you. RE: Cit Bank/Dell Financial Congratulations: You have been pre-approved for a discount program designed to save you money. Act now to maximize your savings and put this debt behind you by calling 800-282-2644. Pay online at www. Option 1: 40% OFF Payment Due Date 3-15-2015 Option 2: 20% OFF 6 Monthly payments of Only XYZ Payment Due Date 03-15-2015 Option 3: Monthly Payments As Low as: $50 per month (call us today to discuss options and get more detail) If these options dont work for you call one of our Account Managers to help you set up a payment plan that does. Sincerely, Division Manager The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, we will not sue you for it. If you do not pay the debt, we may continue to report it to the credit reporting agencies as unpaid. *If you pay your full balance, we will report your account as PAID IN FULL. If you pay less then your full balance, we will report your account as Paid in Full for less than the full banlance. FYI CR Info... DOFD: 11/2008 (6 years and approx 3 months). Original $ 1800 Amt Due $ 3500 TransUnio Account Type: Open EquiFax Loan Type: Factoring Comp
  9. I was able to get a status update via USPS website by entering the certified mail tracking number - and it says that it was "delivered on 2/12" .. I wonder why the green card has yet to be returned. Is a print of the delivery confirm from the USPS website enough or should I still seek a copy of the green card?
  10. Thank you. I sent the C&D letter CMRRR on 2/9 (it will be two weeks this coming Monday) -- I have yet to receive the green signature card back in the mail .... !!! What should be my next step if I dont get it??
  11. Im not sure what to make of all this .... But, thus far - I sent the CD letter one week ago CMRRR -- i have yet to get the green card back ... still waiting. From what I understand ... SOL has passed .... so has UCC 4 years. Perhaps I am misunderstanding all that I have read online ... ??
  12. I have gotten on a similar list!!!!! - there is nothing on my credit report that i can match to this .... I wonder if there is a way I can figure out who these jerks are and go after them .... they call me on my cell - they called sisters house - my parents house ... and distant family. I have yet to answer the calls on my cell phone - they usually hang up and dont leave a msg - but they have left a few messages (which I just saved) they leave threatening messages .... about "..... being sued ..(they state the last 4 digits of my ss#). - pre trail docs:NDABC - - Aformal complaint has been filed against you and its in your best interest to contact the plaintiff immediatedly about ....pending charges and behalf of the state - -prior to the arrival of local authorities at your home (the state my address) - this is your last warning" .... This has been going on for about 6-8 weeks now .... WHY DON'T THEY JUST SEND ME SOMETHING IN THE MAIL? I have saved the messages. I can't seem to get an address on the 2-3 phone numbers that they leave.
  13. I sent the CD letter out this week - CRRRM - Im still confused over the UCC vs SOL -
  14. The collection letter was for an Auto Repo in 12/2008. From what I have understand -- it is now SOL ... (DOFD was 9/8/2008 so its been 6 years and almost 5 months) The letter is from a collection agency (synergetic out of texas) RE: Amer Hon Fin Client Act # XYZ Our Accnt # ABC Amt $10,764 Org Creditor: NA "An account in the amount of $10,746 owed to American Honda finance has been placed with our office for collection. Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt or any portion thereof, this office will assume this debt is valid. If you notify this office in writing within 30 days from receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this dept or any portion thereof, this office will obtain verifiction of the debt or obtain a copy of a judgement and mail you a copy of such judgement or verification. If you request of this office in writing within 30 days after receiving this notice this office will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the current creditor. The above-stated Client has agreed to offer you the following settlement: Current Balance: $10,746 Settlement Offer: $2,686 Payment must be received by 03/19/15 Consider using your tax refund to settle your account. Upon receipt of the settlement, our client will report the account has been setttled in full. We are not required to make this settlemtn offer to you in the future. This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose,
  15. Can you please explain this? DOFD was 9/8/2008 so its been 6 years and almost 5 months. how does UCC impact?