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  1. Anybody? I was hoping LynnInMN possibly had some insights for me...
  2. In short, I took out a student loan in 1996 and didn't start paying until after I finished school but made my payments on time. In December of 2004 (DOFD) I moved and was unable to make payments so it went into default and eventually collections. I recently updated my address with the 3 CB's and received a letter from the CA almost immediately. I don't know if this was a private or federal loan (it was taken out through the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education) as I no longer have my promissory note and can't find that info anywhere online. I do know that it was definitely not a Stafford Loan. The fact that its a negative TL isn't as much of a concern to me even though it sucks, its the outstanding collection that stresses me out. Its not a huge amount (original debt was $1520) but I am also not in the position to pay that in full at this time and do not want to be sued. Does it do me any good to validate this debt? I know that it is in fact my debt. Either way, can I ask to settle for less than the full amount and ask for a PFD? Also, it it true that there is no SOL on any school loans? I feel like I've read differing opinions. I would really appreciate any help on this, I don't have much left to go on my repair journey and this is my only outstanding item. Thank you!!!
  3. So you're saying I SHOULD indeed send another request and that they will not go ahead and investigate if I don't? Funny, EX was the one that just finally sent my credit report after months of trying to verify my identity. I should have known this was coming! Thanks for the info!
  4. Anyone? PS. One delete from EQ and two from TU so far...only 3 listings to go! Now if I could just get EX to do something...
  5. I recently sent my 3 disputes CMRRR and am starting to receive the replies...its so exciting! EX however, will probably continue to be a thorn in my side forever. I've read up on CRA stall tactics and want to be sure I'm doing the right thing, before I make my next move. I received this response from EX: "We have received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have determined was not sent by you. This could be deemed as deceptive or fraudulent use of your information. We have not taken any action on this request. Any future requests made in this manner will not be processed and will not receive a response......" And on and on and on. From what I've read here in previous posts, it seems that if I respond it just gives them more time to complete the dispute. Is that correct? Will they continue to process my dispute anyway? I would hate to not respond and delay the process even further! Thank you for your thoughts on this!
  6. Update: All 9 addresses disputed online and removed within 24 hours.
  7. I finally got my report from EX. The good: there are no TL's that aren't mine. The not-so-bad: there are about 9 addresses that aren't mine. Thanks again for your great advice. Let the games begin!
  8. Awesome tips - thank you so much, again! I spoke with special services today who also told me he would need to compile all related data and that he would send me a new report. 5 days for processing and up to 10 to mail. This freaks me out because as I mentioned before, there was a whole lot of stuff on there that wasn't mine. In anticipation of the headaches I am getting ready to have, I should go to Costco and get a big bottle of aspirin. Do you think I should go ahead and begin my disputes with EQ and TU? I'm all ready to go with letters and copies but I was waiting to do all 3 at once.
  9. Update: I got a response back from EX today and it certainly looks like a credit report...with no report. It starts out with my personal information and then just says ---End of Report---. Since I think its highly unlikely that they don't have any listings for me and it appears as if I have a Report number now, I'll call tomorrow and question this further. Thanks for the advice on the fraud alert!
  10. Thanks Bigwoodystyl As I mentioned before, I already tried to purchase online and the website couldn't verify my info either. I tried to get through to a human using the 0's to no avail. I've tried about a dozen different times now, in hopes that I would somehow get through but no dice. Per your comment "Note: this will not work if your address with EX is incorrect.", I will not be able to turn on a fraud alert because I'm 99% sure EX has the wrong address for me and thats probably a major reason this is happening. This is crazy. I'm completely stumped.
  11. So really, nobody has had problems obtaining credit reports due to unverifiable identification? Darn
  12. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately the EX website cannot verify my credentials so I'm out of luck there as well.
  13. I'm seriously at a loss...any advice at all would be helpful. I've been able to get my reports from EQ and TU but not EX because they can't verify that I'm me. Perhaps that is because they are erroneously listing a ton of crap thats not mine. Don't know... So I requested my initial report via annualcreditreport.com and got denied. I then mailed copies of my bank statement, drivers license and a letter and was denied again. I just sent my 3rd request with proper documentation AGAIN. I'm out of ideas and I'm getting really discouraged by this. If I can't get my report, I don't know whats being reported and can't fix it. Help?! Thank you!!!
  14. What was your final outcome with EQ? I'm having similar issues with EX to no avail. I have tried to call but since I do not have a report number I can't get through to anyone. At this point there is nothing that I can give them to further prove that I'm really me. I've given them all of my current information. I have no documentation before 2004 because I am divorced and left all of the files with the ex. The last report I got from EX was 9/2004 under my married name. There were at least 2 addresses that weren't mine and a hand full of TLs and unfortunately I didn't dispute them then, so I'm sure they are still on there. I have no clue what to do. Does anyone have advice on this? I'm ready to attack this and can't even get the stupid report! I would appreciate your help