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  1. Have the CA or CO who did the PFD with you fax you the paid in full letter showing the account is to be deleted, then fax it to all 3 CRA's asking them to update because you have a mortgage pending. Supply the CRA's with a direct number to the creditor to speed things up. This will get it removed within a week from all 3 CRA's. Good luck
  2. Add HSBC Best buy to the list, mine is reporting for my wife. Waiting on Jcpennys to show up now , i''ll update if it reports like the Jcpennys Rep. said it would.
  3. The HSBC Best Buy account I added my wife as a registered user to just showed up on her report. It did have an impact on her Fico scores. So, yes it does report and impact credit scores. So people get added as AU's on some low balance, good standing credit card accounts. It can instantly impact your credit reports.
  4. I'm not sure. It was a mortgage pull through Wells Fargo. Would that be considered a lender or broker? Btw.. How can Experian offer scores to lenders only? How did they get passed the must give consumers access to anything they show lenders about us thing?
  5. Fakos we have are from credit report monitoring websites, and true credit are what we've used. They are both good with true credit being the better of the two in our opinion. The accounts viewing interface is much easier to navigate and the information seems to update a little faster than freecreditreports does. For true Fico credit scores go to they have Trans Union and Equifax true Fico scores. You only get a Experian true fico score from a lender pull.And that's funny that Experian can just stop offering the Fico score to consumers all together, if they can t
  6. I pulled my wife's MyFico EQ/TU scores the morning our new lender did. He pulled and verified exactly the same scores. This was a mortgage pull.
  7. The close by date is the 25th of march.And it'll be a 30 day extension we ask for.About the title thing , she said something to do with the title-insurance maybe ? Heck, I don't recall, she's always flustered and hard to communicate with.
  8. Denita, I sat down with my lender this morning,who cant get me the Msp monies by doing a loan with her.She was confused as to the requirements on her end. She isnt mad that I'm leaving for a lender who can get me the Msp I've already got the ball rolling with a lender who can get me the Msp.Called and they ran all our info yesterday as a back-up. But I was just on the phone with the realitor who told me if I dont stick with my lender this far into the game I will be sued and forced to buy the house. I nicely told him I'd take my chances since the mortgage co. holding the house is swamped with
  9. There's a place on the Hud website that offer's you a loan consultant for the 203k,we put our names-number in there and we received a phone call within a day from a gentleman who writes the loans.
  10. Thanks Denita, your advice is really helpful. I'm waiting ,waiting and waiting for the bank to call with a yes or a no. It's kind of frustrating.If yes, it'll mean our 10k savings can keep sleeping, if no, then it gets used to stick with loan option 1. Or we look like retards and just walk out of the deal,which wont be easy to do,but we may just do it.
  11. If it does then I can be set with a decent average account history.I will get added as a user and see what it does to my score. I've only been actively working on credit building for a month now, and you could almost say credit scores are like snow flakes with so many variable's involved. That secured CC we added, bumped me up 24 points ,while it only gave my wife 4.
  12. Sorry Willing , I meant average age of accounts. That's where I'm weak , 5 months is my average. I'm not trying to go out and load up a bunch of different cards. I just want the ability to take advantage of all the no interest for 18/24 month deals every store is running and stop waiting to replace things as I have enough cash in hand to do so. And also get the best rates on household things that Have to be bought. I've lived forever not wanting/needing credit. Now it just seems like credit can be a big benefit if used correctly.
  13. Thank you Denita. I spoke with the head guy this morning, and was referred to a lender who maybe able to push it through fairly quickly. They were extremely good people and even had an answer within 15 minutes if the home qualified or not , and it does.But my lender doesn't. So if we meet the new lenders guidelines then its a done deal.If not we have the option of sticking with our original loan and loosing the 10,000 or backing out and waiting a month for my wife's score to climb a little. Backing out would mean about a 1000 out of pocket,but in the long run we would pick it back up plus a l
  14. Thank you Willing! So my wife's Capital one will be a benefit to me and my HSBC Best buy will also be of benefit to her. Willing can you help me a little more. If I were to be added to a 4 year old JCPenny's account would I be able to instantly bring up my AAoA?
  15. This basic formula put me into the 7's with 2 CRA's and high 6's with the last. A single paid utility bill from 2005-$260 is all I had before adding these to my credit reports.