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  1. Let me check and let you know......
  2. @medialbillsdebt - where you able to post something to an existing thread?
  3. Thank you @LadynRed - please let us know if you have any questions/issues and you can post them to this thread. This thread is being monitored by our programmer.
  4. Lionhunter,

    On the "old board" at the bottom of the "forums" page, we could see the members who had logged in that day.  That feature seems to be gone.  Can it be put back?





    1. h8spleadingpaper


      I concur.  It’s definitely been hampering my efforts on my case which is due to be tried in a few days.  Thanks.

  5. Thank you to @Harry Seaward and @BV80 for keeping the questions coming! As with any new program, there are bugs, and we appreciate the input! Thanks @Dylan Riggs for keeping on top of this!
  6. As all of you can already tell, we upgraded to the latest version of the forum program. The reason for doing this was to make this program more stable to prevent hacking and to also integrate new features. If anyone has any issues or questions, please add them to this thread. Our programmer will be checking this post and answering your questions. You can tag me in your postings and I will make sure your questions get handled. Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated!
  7. We are going to be upgrading this forum to the latest and greatest version tonight. That means the forum will be down starting at 8 pm (MST) on January 1, 2016 and will be down for approximately 3 hours. We apologize for this inconvenience but we are trying to schedule this at a time when traffic/use on the forum will be low. After the new version is up and running, if any of you run into any problems, please contact us at admin@creditinfocenter.com. Thank you all for participating in this forum and we wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016! Credit Info Center
  8. SiteLock does not play nice with this forum or some other aspects of our site. Fingers crossed, will be getting rid of them soon......will make my life much easier!
  9. No. I am not really sure yet what happened but I had to restart the server this morning. We installed an SSL on the main site and I think maybe the firewall or something triggered the server to shut down. I am so sick of Sitelock - hoping to get rid of it soon.......
  10. @momof5 - glad to have you back! I am not on the boards all the time and @willingtocope is doing a great job keeping everyone in line!!!
  11. @willingtocope - what about getting a secured card as long as it DOES report to all three credit bureaus? I know some do and some don't.....
  12. @cefegoro - sorry I did not see that post from you a while back. Thanks for responding @momof5. Can you give us some of this info so we can get you the info you need.
  13. Great News!!!! @xlxaxa - love to hear success stories!!!! Do you have any more you are trying to remove?
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