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  1. I have officially hired a NACA attorney to help me with this Household Financial mess. Household is really trying to stick it to me. He also seems to think they violated the law by telling me that sending my financial information would "effectively stop litigation". Will make sure I post updates to let everyone know about the progress. Thanks to all that have gotten me this far!
  2. I've started dealing directly with Household instead of going through the atty on everything ~ they were too slow in responding and never answered their phones!! So, i answered the summons on Friday afternoon and Household called me today asking me to pay the $10k in FULL! I told him "If I said I couldn't pay the $800 from the first offer, or the $1060 from the second offer, what makes you think I magically found $10k over the weekend??" Do they really think this is the best way to get money?? I'm just dumbfounded ~ they're refusing to consider anything except what they offer and I just can't do it. Is this typical or are they just jerking me around? Is it lawyer time for me? I tried to handle Zwicker on my own, but this may be more than I can chew. Any good NACA atty's in the Atlanta area?
  3. Hey GA Dawg (my hubby's a Bulldog too!! wears his black & red proudly!) ~ yes I answered their summons and denied everything. I'll be glad to share my answer with you & you can tailor it to your needs. Send me a PM with your e-mail & I'll send you the attachment. Also, DON'T DO WHAT I DID... and that's wait to hit them with Discovery requests. I was a rookie and had no idea what to do after the summons, but I should've sent my discovery request first. Basically that's asking them for any proof they have that the debt is yours. But first... answer the summons. These boards are invaluable, but do your research. Send me a private message with your e-mail... I'll do what I can to help you against Zwicker.
  4. I had my answer to the Citibank suit notarized ~ I read somewhere that it should be notarized and I didn't see anything to spell it out in the civil rules of procedure. Better safe than sorry ~ fortunately the credit union is in my building! I may just ditch my typed answer and go with the county form... it all depends on if I can get the o.k. from the boss to take time away from work. If not, then my husband will come and pick it up from me & drop it off.
  5. Thanks Linda! I think I will head over to the courthouse at lunch tomorrow. I came home this evening and banged out my answer ~ it's pretty short and sweet. I have to get it notarized from my credit union first though. They have the signed contract, so I really don't have a defense saying "it's not mine". I did call the original creditor and the atty is indeed working on their behalf. I needed to make sure because it just didn't seem right that their offer would go UP. So I know I'm not dealing with a jdb... a whole different ballgame.
  6. Guess I'm just up crap creek without a paddle. Better start working on something because the court needs an answer by the 26th (which is a Saturday ~ does that mean they need to have it by COB tomorrow??).
  7. That's correct ~ when I went to court on the 15th with Citibank there were lawyers and defendants just milling around in the lobby... no real process.
  8. I think so. Household Financial is listed as HFC, but HSBC is the Household Bank Center (if I'm not mistaken).
  9. This is really starting to tick me off! I heard back from the atty for Household Financial. They said they looked over my offer ($500 down & $350/month instead of their $800 down & almost $400/month). Just got off the phone & their offer went UP! $530 for June AND July and $375/month! What the %$#@! If I couldn't do $800 before the end of June, what makes them think I can pay $1060 in two months??! Should I just answer their summons and say "see you in court"? I read over the contract they attached with the summons and I didn't see any Arbitration language. These people are trying to make me declare bankruptcy! I can't pay $375 a month for 1 bill, but if they get a default judgement, they can garnish my salary... I feel like my back's against the wall.
  10. I'm getting very worried about this and I'm hoping you all can help me. I've made contact with the atty for this second case against me. The atty's office gave me an initial settlement, which included a huge down payment. I don't have cash available to give them, so I counteroffered an amount with a lower down payment and faxed it over to them. They agreed on Wednesday of last week and said they would send the settlement paperwork out to me & the litigation would stop. I haven't received anything in the mail regarding our discussions yet. I was served 5/26 and if the court doesn't receive my answer, Household will get a default judgement. I know I can't wait around for their paperwork, but I'm not sure how to answer a summons for a debt that's mine. I feel like I'm stuck between a rock & a hard place... HELP!! (please!)
  11. Hey Drowning ~ I'm making payments. If you absolutely HAVE to settle, they'll ask you what you can afford and when you can start making payments. You'll sign a consent to judgement form with the amount that you determine. Once that's signed, they won't garnish unless you default on that. I was bargaining until the last minute... don't go for the first offer if you don't have to. I must say this though... as much as I despise the bottom feeding lawyers, the atty from Zwicker was very nice. Didn't badger or pressure me, wasn't condescending at all or treat me like I was a deadbeat. When they made the first offer, she said I could pay $101.55 per month. That's very low, but makes it just draw out forever. You'll do fine ~ trust me, if the folks on this board hadn't been cheering and praying for me, I would've collapsed into a weeping heap right there in front of the judge!
  12. Not sure how I would've gotten around the e-receipt for the payment though. The way I figure it... I'm paying less than 1/2 of the original debt. It's all good.
  13. Tempter ~ I thought of doing that, but I had to keep in mind my schedule for next month. I'm out of town for 3 out of the 4 weeks in July and I can't imagine dealing with this in August... just didn't want to drag it out. Had they only had the statements, I probably would've continued. But, they also had the rewards redemption receipt for the hotel room that we redeemed and the e-receipt from a payment from my bank account. Not sure how I would've swung that!
  14. Update from court today: Unfortunately for me, Zwicker came ready to do battle today. Had to sign consent to judgement. Agreed to 55% settlement. Judge asked if we needed to discuss the case and the atty said she would like to. Once in lobby, she asked me if I was denying I had an acct w/ Citibank. I smelled a set-up so I said "What I'm denying is having possession of any proof that this debt is mine. I'm not going to just open my wallet and let you help yourself without solid proof. The computer printout sent with the summons is NOT proof." Well, shut my mouth and slap my grandma, she produced 2 years of statements, e-payment statements from my joint acct w/ husband, and signature of hubby when we redeemed rewards for hotel stay in FL. I'd completely forgotten about the rewards thing until i saw it. I turned to her and said, "That's all I wanted." She then asked about a settlement and gave me a figure of about 60% (about $4300). I asked for a moment to review their documents and consider their offier and stepped outside. I said a very long and detailed prayer then went back in and counteroffered $3655. She agreed. She also had a Citibank witness (I introduced myself to her in the lobby & asked what she did for Citibank & she said she was an "internal accountant". So, all in all, I put up a good fight and wasn't going to be taken down easily. I'm still very grateful for all of the assistance everyone provided. In the end, even when they have a mountain of proof, I'm still paying about $3700 LESS than the original debt. So, I lost but I won... it only 1/2 sucks!