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  1. I feel your pain, all of you. I was fortunate enough to find a company that is legitimate. Now I know that the banks the news and government say we shouldn’t go to any company that charges, that the banks will modify your loans for free. Well, how many of us on here have had our loans modified by the banks? A lot have lost their homes, and lot more still will unless you do what’s necessary to save your homes from the banks. I went through what most of you have, I was there. Then I was referred to Corey Lassiter of Clear Image Financial Group. They saved my home. I know I would have lost it to Wachovia if it wasn’t for him, Tasha, Denise and the rest of the people who work there. Got me caught up on my mortgage 1st & 2nd, lowered my interested rate & payment, and secured me a 50k principle reduction. Before anyone else on here loses their homes you need to give them a call 877-940-1477 ext 231. Corey Lassiter. Don’t be afraid of hiring a loan modification company, be afraid of the banks, they are the ones who are taking our homes! I know they get the job done. News and TV made me afraid to even consider a loan modification company because they are all scams and my lender will do it for free (wrong). There hasn’t been not one story about a good company and when I tried to contact my local news channel they told me that my success story wasn’t news (What!) So, I am making it my mission to spread the word on this GREAT company! I would think that if the people who start these forums and blogs were really trying to help that they’d do research to find credible companies that can help us out when we have run out of options. So this thread here is for eveyone to post info on companies (loan modification, lawyers, non-profits) who have been able to help you save your home!