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  1. The real issue might be whether or not poor credit will disqualify you for the job. Is it gov't or private sector? gov't can be tricky.
  2. Interesting...that should screw most of the JDB's. It begs the question is a lawsuit a collection act and would they even be permitted to sue?
  3. At what point do I specify comprehensive instead of the streamlined process?
  4. Can I get the fee waiver? I thought I had this stuff all sewn up, but it looks like I will have to initiate them. I would like to try to get the fee waived. If I file in CA can I get the fee waiver?
  5. And...(again, verify with your court clerk or your lawyer, I'm not a lawyer and I know nothing) The PC is your last chance under the simplified civil procedure to request you really should go. Make sure you know everything you want answered. Write it down. Bust that out and make them answer it. If they won't answer it or can't you can make them through a motion to compel, but you need to ask the questions at the PC. maybe someone here can explain this better...
  6. First, don't do anything I suggest without double checking everything. In Colorado, you don't even need to attend the pre-trial conference if you file an answer (check with the court clerk in your area to verify). The PC is a meeting between you and the opposing side (at mine, nobody from the court was even involved). I did go to mine, just to meet the enemy. So make sure you file your answer. Next, the open account idea...trying to shoot for the 3 year SOL is from my research, not going to work. Try it if you want, but there is plenty of information on the subject. I tried and tried to
  7. My trial was stayed, but there was no instruction on who should initiate. I don't really care who initiates, but if I can force the other side to initiate I'd be happier. Suggestions for a motion to force the other side to initiate? Motion to ???
  8. It would be nice to have a sub forum that would act as a document repository to store credit card agreements. Sub forum name: Credit Card Agreements, each topic could be the company name, individual posts could contain agreements from different time periods.
  9. Can a person buy their own debt? I've always wondered this...if you are negotiating with a JDB can they sell you the debt, if not what prevents it?
  10. Bradly, can you send me the 2005 CC agreement? I'll pm you my email, thanks in advance.
  11. I guess I'm just worried the other side (JDB, not cap1) might dispute the arbitration clause...which if they do that could be good as well...denying the existence of the arbitration clause would seem to be a violation of fair credit collections?
  12. If I can get the 3 yr sol the matter would be done...I think it is even be past the CO SOL already but the 3 yr would be a slam dunk. What law did you end up under?
  13. In arbitration what laws will be applied? Will arbitration follow the choice of law clause of the Cap 1 contract? Should I request arbitration in VA? Is there a federal statute of limitations on debt that could be used? The sol for Va is 3 years, that could be helpful. Thoughts?