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  1. Personal Guarantee is the term you are looking for. That way you can use your good credit to get credit for the business. The huge drawback is if the business folds, you are personally liable for repayment of all money that you Personally Guaranteed.
  2. In Ohio, there is some protection, but the funds will be seized first, and then you have to go to the court garnishment hearing and argue why some of the money should be given back. You then have to prove by evidence what funds are exempt and for what reason.
  3. I agree with Whocares, the book of Judges was written about the establishment of Judges. Moses was the only one hearing all the complaints of the people. God instructed him to assign judges to hear the conflicts of the people and to resolve them. Tell her she has done her Christian duty by forgiving the surgeon, now it is her Christian duty to protect the resources that God has placed in her charge. Have her read the parable of the talents in the new testament. Christians have a responsibility to care for what God has given us charge over, including money.
  4. Here is another "win" posted by someone else.
  5. Thanks Skippy. I am one that has a "win", as previously defined, by the board administrator. Here is a link to the entire thread: So I am confused now as to why all of a sudden, this is not considered a "win", and I am not allowed to share my personal experience that this works?!?!
  6. JAMS Arbitration does have discovery rules: see number 13 for streamlined rules If you use comprehensive JAMS rules there is discovery and appeals: see number 17 and 34 I am not guessing I am linking to the rules for all to read for themselves. Here is the discovery rules for AAA: see Principle 13 I am only posting this to push beyond the misinformation being posted here. Again these are not my opinions but links directly to the Arbitration forums.
  8. Consult a NACA attorney or a good consumer attorney that handles FCRA or FDCPA cases. If you have a good case and a good attorney, it won't cost you a thing out of pocket to due them.
  9. Thanks rebel. Let's keep the accurate factual information flowing.
  10. If you are referring to the sticky "Once you're in court, DV'ing is useless (Really!)", this current thread did not mention that any suit has been filed. If I am reading the wrong sticky, please advise.
  11. Discovery is available in arbitration. Here is a link to JAMS rules, read rule 13. This is if you only have streamlined rules, comprehensive gives you even more. I like you only want to see that everyone is receiving accurate information.
  12. One simple question, non argumentative. Why are DV letters pointless when dealing with court? They are evidence in account stated cases showing you did not agree to the stated amount. And they are evidence is FDCPA cases showing that you exercised your legal protections.
  13. Sorry Linda, we will need to continue on the other forum.
  14. The arbitration forum determines the rules for consumer arbitration. If the contract does not meet their minimum standards, the forums rules override the contract. Since this is a private forum, it is based on a contract between the companies and the forums. THEIR contract with the forum says, the forums rules overrides the contract language. JAMS consumer rules: Number 7 for fees. AAA consumer cost: Don't guess read them. The are both very clear about who pays what.
  15. Hey Linda, it's me again. You are WAY overanalyzing this. Let's break it down anyway. We'll start with the second one: "if this proves to be my debt, I elect arbitration" - This will not preserve any arbitration rights. The court case is the "proof" = proves that the debt is yours. They are not required to prove the debt before filing a lawsuit, so again this will not protect your arbitration rights. Let's look at the first one: f there is an arbitration clause in the cardmember agreement, I elect arbitration to resolve all disputes between you and me. - This is the cleanest way short of fi