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  1. So Ive been playing phone tag with this detective to meet and today I gave him a time I would be home. He never should up and I left for work. My husband left the house about the same time and the detective pulls him over on the freeway and starts asking questions about my where I was at. Is this LEGAL???
  2. The last letter about the debt was from United Collections, they received my DV letter back in Nov 09. Got nothing. I received a new debt letter 2 weeks ago from LTD, DV letter left 3 days ago. I called the county police office and they said he works the "civil unit". The guy sounds like an arrogant idiot and got all this on voicemails. Any ideas of what my next move should be???
  3. I keep missing this Detective of the local county I live in. He says he has a summons for Citi CC. He called my work, left red posters all over my property to call. I never received a DV from the collection creditor, but thats nothing new. I cant find this in any court house. Now he is saying that they will be warrant out for my arrest. He called it a civil content warrant for arrest. Does this sound right?? In Wa state..
  4. Hiring a lawyer tomorrow to handle this. I have until Monday to respond before I get a default. The proof of service is on the court document. I am getting it tomorrow, I only had it read to me today.
  5. Just found out that Notice of Service from a process server said he delivered to a person at residence on a day that we were out of town and can prove it. And no one stayed at our house. This all sounds really shady. Should I respond to the Summons? Or default and keep them on violations?
  6. I just noticed that the same law firm pulled an inquiry from Equifax in Sep 2009, same day the summons was filed.
  7. I think someone did drop the ball. The first letter came from a Law firm/CA. Which I sent the DV 3 weeks later. The summons, filed by the same law firm/CA, came with no return address and hand written to me. Almost shredded it thinking it was junk mail. Postage says it was sent from Seattle WA, Law/CA is from OR. Im in WA.
  8. A filed summons showed up in mailed yesterday that was filed 6 months ago. I called the court and nothing else has been done. No service, proof of claim, nothing. Was told by a paralegal that proof of service must happen within 120 days of file. More info; Back in Aug I received a letter about the debt and sent a certified letter that they received in Sep to validate the debt. 3 days after my certified letter received them they filed the summons.