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  1. sued by citi also? I read that they will not arbitrate Does anyone have a citi financial agreement..?
  2. The only thing is obviously with prejudice means it cannot be opened again
  3. sorry i did not read your previous post correctly
  4. yes youare correct i was thinking the same thing about mtc ..i may have to file a mtd w /prejudice
  5. also the court case was already dismissed w/o prejudice.They filed to re instate and I have to file an opposition motion.should I file a motion to dismiss the case w/prejudice or a motion to compel arbitration and make them pay the feeS..Thanks
  6. Ok thanks.I basically have to file an oppsition ..then a motion at the same time.I am probably going to file a mtd but I have to respond to their motion first
  7. I was sued by swicker and I elected arb the judge gave me a dismissal w o prejudice .I followed up but zwicker never paid the $550 filing fee with jams .I never paid the $250 fee either so now they are trying to vacate the dismissal saying the case was dismissed .I contacted jams and they said they can reopen the claim.I have to now file a response should I now pay the $250 or should I file my opposition first Thanks anyone who can help
  8. Just wanted to add my case to the arb scoreboard..The judge denied my motion to stay..BUT HE DISMISSED THE PLAINTIFF'S COMPLAINT W/OUT PREJUDICE!.and .I NEVER EVEN WENT TO COURT!..THANKS TRUE Q AND MGO5.AND GMATGUY..AND EVERY ONE ELSE FOR THEIR ADVICE..THIS IS A TRULY GREAT SITE..Using the arb election in my case worked ..Thanks CIC!
  9. mg found it...never mind but its only 3k that still ok
  10. also does it matter that my case is over 15k
  11. where do I find that state small claims amount? thanks
  12. Hey MG, I jams contacted me inregards to me not putting an amount that I was looking for (from the plaintiff)I used the line you wrote above about asking for whats fair and just ..and they are asking me if I am being represented by a lawyer..Do I also say I am representing myself ..Thanks
  13. Hey MG..I sent the arb paperwork to Jams.and I didn t put an amount I used your starting point..on asking for what is fair and just..and also.Should I tell jams I am representing My self they asked about (the attorney part not being filled out)..Thanks
  14. Hey Mick, As you know I am dealimg with them also..I went ahead and filed a motion to stay proceedings but I also filed the paer work with jams..sent it to(zwicker) and the court as well..I wasn t sure if he would make me or them initiate.I am awaiting their reponse..