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  1. This is how TransUnion responded to my complaint with the CFPB: "We received your complaint about the item(s) in your credit report, and apologize for any difficulty you may have experienced. We are currently investigating the disputed information and will contact the source(s) to advise them of your dispute. They will verify the accuracy of the item(s) and inform TransUnion of their results. We will follow-up with you within sixty (60) days from the date you submitted your request." Again, I submitted evidence that they are reporting this past the 7 years and they are not even acknowledging
  2. He said it might not be past the 7 years though. They supposedly sent the letter to me on June 4th 2008 and it states on my credit report that it was placed for collection on September 2008. It will be removed on August 2015. I paid what they told me to pay in May of 2008 then they audited the file or something and are back dating the amount starting from March 2007. So I guess technically the first date of delinquency would be June 2008 since that is when they are claiming they terminated me even though I reported that I was moving and no longer needed their services. So TransUnion may be g
  3. Called an attorney in Colorado this afternoon. He thinks we have a case against TransUnion and can possibly get it removed but I may need to find a lawyer in the state I live in. I sent him all the info. We shall see what he says by tomorrow. Here is the part where he is concerned: 1. TransUnion received my dispute by mail on November 4th 2014 2. TransUnion updated my CR the next day on November 5th 2014 as VERIFIED, NO CHANGE How can do a proper verification in a day. He doesn't even think they did anything with my dispute.
  4. I don't even live in colorado anymore so this is even more frustrating! I would love to sue these dumbasses but the 18 hour drive doesn't pan out well with my demanding job and children in school. I may draw up a civil lawsuit myself and fax it to them to see if that scares them into deleting it. I never do get the easy ones!!
  5. I am soooo frustrated with this whole situation and desperately need help!!! I am trying to buy a house and they pulled my credit report and a collection came up that I never knew about. Yes, I did do business with this company, but I left on good terms with zero balances. The creditor is the Housing Authority in Colorado Springs. I had lost my job in 2005 and applied and received housing. I paid a discounted rent until I could finish college and find employment. In 2008 I accepted a job in Denver so I wrote them a letter saying thank you for helping me and I no longer need assistance because
  6. Well never mind. I guess this is over. I called the collection agency and they told me to call direct tv. So I called direct tv and told them I have a copy of my lease showing that I was never living at the service address and she said "ok I will take you off of this and notify the collection a agency that this is not your account and it will be removed from your credit report in 6-8 weeks". I took down her name and id number and asked her where to send the copy of my lease and she said "don't worry about it, I don't need anything from you, I will take care of it and inform the collection age
  7. There is an open account on my credit report and this is definitely incorrect. How can I remove it? Here is exactly what it says: MIDLAND FUNDING 8875 AERO DR STE 200 SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 Account Type: Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection - Collections -- Non-Specific Amount Past Due: --Monthly Payment: $0Last Payment Date: --Owner: IndividualOpen Date: Sep 8, 2009Original Balance: $0Term: 1 monthsOriginal Creditor: TRIBUTE MASTERCARDAccount in Dispute YesDo I send the credit bureau a letter now saying that it has been past 30 days and needs to be removed? I don't even rememb
  8. First thing....YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!! I am so glad I stumbled upon this forum. You all have helped me sooooo much and I appreciate everything. Because of y'all my credit score has gone from 570 to 649 and I can finally move out of state and own a house! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Now, I am currently battling Credit Management. They told me they acquired a Direct TV debt in August 2012. They have not sent me anything to verify the debt but they continue to call me and tell me all the info they have. The debt is for $517. Here's the issue: they have the wrong disconnect address. They s
  9. I sent my letter notifying them of my intent to sue and guess what? It got DELETED!!! Yay! No lawsuit for me but Im glad it got removed!
  10. I have given them a copy of the signed notarized court document twice. On the second one, I even highlighted in yellow where it specifically says JUDGMENT SET ASIDE. I dont know what else to do or how I can make myself more clear that it was not paid it was set aside and needs to be removed from my CR. My credit score has gone down since they put the judgment as paid. Its ridiculous and frustrating! And when you call TransUnion you get some outsourced country with representatives that you can barely understand with their heavy accents that try to convince you that their name is Kevin Miller an
  11. How does this sound? Please let me know if it is correct (violations) and if I gave them enough time to respond. Dear TransUnion, This is my final letter to you before I file a lawsuit against you in (My County) in the state of (My State). Over 90 days ago, I wrote each the credit bureaus stating that my default judgment was SET ASIDE and should be deleted from my credit report. I included a copy of the motion signed and notarized by the County Clerk in (County). Experian and Equifax complied and the item was deleted. TransUnion updated the item to show that that the judgment was paid. It
  12. I guess I will start looking for a lawyer. Do you think I can sue them myself? And do you have a sample letter I can use? I'm going on vacation Saturday but I want to get them a certified letter before I leave. This sucks because I'm trying to get a loan so I can buy a franchise for a business I want. I'm not going to get the loan because of this. And that's where I'm going on vacation Saturday to go look at the area for this business. This sounds like its going to take a while too.
  13. Transunion did NOTHING!! I am pissed now!! They are just ignoring my letters. I even highlighted in yellow where it says JUDGMENT SET ASIDE. No my cr still shows the judgment as paid. Now what do I do? I thought I was being pretty clear when I highlighted it for them and they did nothing!
  14. I have sent the judges order with both letters. With the second letter I even highlighted it in yellow where it says JUDGMENT SET ASIDE. How can I be more clear?
  15. Ok I am now seriously PISSED OFF at Transunion! My judgment was set aside due to improper service. It needs to be removed from my CR. I have sent 2 letters now explaining that the judgment was SET ASIDE and asking them to REMOVE it. The first letter I sent, they updated it showing it as paid. I sent a second letter explaining that it was not paid it was vacated and they basically are ignoring my letters and it is still showing paid! What do I do now? They aren't listening to me!! I want this removed like the other 2 credit bureaus did!