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  1. I'm not allowed to sue them? You're so incorrect. In fact, why not provide a link that provides the info you are speaking of. It seems to me you are just reiterating what their farce of an affidavit states, and which no intelligent person would ever sign. My lawyer has advised me of all that he can do, he is reputable and honest, and I believe that he can help me. I just hope others on this board realize this can be a great opportunity for them unlike what you are trying to say.
  2. I recently received a doozy of a letter from F & G. Apparently, they are handling the judgement (from a credit card company) I have been paying off via wage garnishment that was formerly handled by another debt collection law firm. I know this because they included a dunning letter, giving me the standard 30 days to request debt validation. But it gets a whole lot better! F & G go on to tell me that THEY will get my judgement vacated for me, in exchange for me signing off on a enclosed affidavit where I promise not to sue them, the credit card company, or the former law firm handling this! F & G must really think people like myself are complete morons! All this hoopla stems from the fact that countless people were improperly served, or not served at all, by the American Legal Process, the process server used by a ton of these awful debt collection law firms. The attorney general sued almost the whole lot of these terrible so-called lawyers, and now it's time for people like you and me, who were and are victims of these predators, to take action! I immediately sent my own attorney the papers I received. I am hoping for good results, including having the judgement vacated, and getting back the monies I have to date paid on it, with interest. Is anyone else here in a similar situation, and/or taking any legal action against these bums? I hope so, and hope to hear positive results soon!
  3. With all due respect, I disagree with some of the opinions posted. Using my personal situation as an example, I feel bankruptcy would do much more harm than good. I feel this way because my derogatory debts will expire under the SOL next year. Then, the following year the CRA's will no longer be able to report them as the maximum of 7 years will also have expired. Once that is over and done with, how would any bank even know those derogatory debts ever existed? Unless there is something I am missing here, and if so please clarify, I just cannot see how BK would be better than a clean slate, which I will have in 2 years time?
  4. I have not considered bankruptcy, as the accounts I made mention of are due to expire next year, when the SOL is finally up. How exactly could those accounts still haunt me once the SOL has expired?? Please kindly explain, thank you.
  5. OK, I found a very old sticky here that said the CRA's are allowed to report delinquent accounts for 7 years from the time of the first missed payment. I'll assume this is still correct unless someone posts that this has changed.
  6. Thank you, willingtocope! Also, is it true that even after the SOL expires, credit reporting bureau's can continue to report these debts/collection accounts? What is the actual maximum period of time these CRA's are legally allowed to report negative accounts?
  7. Thank you, momof5. Using an example of an old account which became 30 days past due in the month of May, and no payment was ever made on the account ever again, resulting in its being charged several months later, would that mean that the SOL began in May? I would appreciate the clarification very much.
  8. Unfortunately, the debts are large, each one being over $10,000. As I've said, these JDB's have not pursued me at all. Is this common? Or do they wait for the last minute to attack?
  9. I would appreciate some input and guidance as to what to do about 2 troublesome tradelines that show up on my credit reports. They are as follows: Equable Ascent Financial (formerly Hilco Receivables) Original Creditor: Bank of America Status: Collection Account and Unifund Original Creditor: Citibank Universal Status: Collection Account Both of these expire next year under the SOL. Neither of these companies write me letters, or call me, nothing. (Perhaps because my credit files are frozen? I have no idea.) I have heard stories about people getting sued right before the SOL expires, but don't know how true the stories are or how often that happens in reality. In any case, do I let sleeping dogs lie, or should I initiate lawsuits against these 2 JDB's myself? In the past, I sent letters to both disputing the debts, and asking for validation, but received nothing in return. I'm not sure these tradelines are even being reported correctly, in that how are they collection accounts? Anyway, my question is is it better to wait, and risk being sued by a JDB, or is better to proceed and sue them for any violations they may have incurred? Put another way, is it better to be on the offense or defense when it comes to these JDB's? I should also mention that I'm afraid these tradelines may get in the way of my being able to get a mortgage, which is another reason I'm anxious to have them off my reports already. Many thanks in advance for all replies and guidance!
  10. I live in New York, and understand that the SOL in my state is 6 years. What I don't understand is when does the 6 year time period begin? I assume when a debt is charged off? Also, when is a debt legally considered to be charged off? When the debt is 120 days past due? Or 180 past due? If anyone can clarify this for me, I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. As I mentioned, the debts are old, and the statute of limitations will expire on all of them next year, 2011. However, the credit reporting bureau's will continue to report them until 2012. All of these debts have been disputed by me, and all state: "Account information disputed by consumer. (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.) I have been negligent in moving forward, and attempting to sue the JDB's who own these debts, since not one of them have been bothering me or trying to sue me. I guess I've let sleeping dogs lie. While I know it would be easier for me to wait another 2 years, there are conditions in my life that make it necessary for me to move to a larger home. While I could of course rent, I would much rather purchase another home, thus I will need a mortgage. Given the information I have provided, would a loan officer consider approving me?
  12. Currently all three (EX, EQ, TU) of my credit files are frozen. I have a total of 6 negative tradelines that will continue to stay on these reports until 2012. I currently have a small ($35K) mortgage that I've never been late on in the 10 years I've had it. I would like to sell my current home, pay off my old mortgage, and purchase a new home that would require a new mortgage of about $150,000. I'm assuming I would have to first lift the freeze from these reports in order to apply for a mortgage, but before I do this, I wonder if I would be turned down due to those negative tradelines? Could anyone provide any advisement, it would be very appreciated.
  13. Thanks again for the guidance, I really appreciate it! I wonder if I will have to serve the papers I file to the marshal as well? Apparently it is a city marshal who is collecting this money that is being garnished for the plaintiff, so I would think he would need to be notified as well?
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