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  1. If anyone questions my win, I will gladly post the letter from the JDB's lawyer agreeing to dismiss, delete tradelines and not to reassign the debt to another JDB. I will also post the official court ruling when it is available, I did go to court on Wednesday the Judge dismissed with prejudice on 12-22-10. When I came to this board for help I knew nothing. I was scared and did not know where to turn. With the help of Trueq, MG05, JKG3, Chuckygee and others I gained the knowledge to beat these turkeys with arb. I am not saying arb is the only way to win but it worked for me. I thought this boar
  2. Yes it is a court settlement.
  3. willingtocope I did forget to mention one of my demands was for Midland to not reassign the debt to another JDB. They agreed. In any ball game, if the other team forfeits (gives up) It is a win! I WIN!
  4. I beat Midland! They sued me in Jan 2010 for about $4k. With the help of Trueq and others I used arb to shut them down. In exchange for me dismissing the JAMS arb, They are going dismiss with prodigious, and delete info from all 3 credit reporting agencies. Don't knock it till you try it! Thanks Trueq!
  5. Is it legal for a JDB's lawyer to pull my credit report without my consent?
  6. A Process server came to my house while I was not home to serve court summons papers for a JDB. He mentioned to my mother that “I think the matter is about a credit card”. My question is would this be a violation of the FDCPA? Would the process server be considered an agent of the JDB? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the input folks. Nrgins: Im planning on suing them anyway due to the amount of violations, and the evidence I have. Im looking for a FDCPA lawyer in Hawaii, not too many out here. How do you think I approach the JDB? Should I send them a letter stating I got dirt on them? Chuckygee: Thanks for the info I might do that, my date was supposed to be on june 16th, they filed for continuance till December, I protested and the judge granted till Sep. Im tired of their games time to play back! Saint: They sent me a DV with the OC listed but no account number, or any other evidence. I did
  8. Thanks for the feedback, This is pre judgement, the amount they are seeking is $4k so far they have no proff besides a witness statement (jdb clerk) (im guessing since there was no evidence filed with court paperwork). My court date is on June 16th. I offered to settle to make this go away and avoid the whole court deal. I am working on a FDCPA lawyer to sue them for the 17+ FDCPA violations they have so far.
  9. I sent in a offer to settle an account for 25% with JDB’s lawyer. I didn’t hear back from the lawyer for over a week. So I called the JDB’s lawyers office to follow up on the settlement, however the “agents” would not put me through instead a collection agent told me that I was to speak with this particular collection rep about the matter. They also informed me that the lawyer does not take “daily calls”. I informed them that I was speaking with the lawyer previously and was calling them back after they asked me to call. Anywayyyyy after arguing with several lame agents I spoke with the rep,
  10. Is is legal for a JDB to do business without a business license? In Hawaii you must have a GE (General Excise) License to do business, it is the law. The JDB suing me Midland Funding is licensed as a collections company but has no GE License. Would it be a good defense in court to mention this?