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  1. I'm no expert, but I would assume if you continue to keep your balance high, it will inevitably hurt you more than it helps. It always ends up hurting if you continue to put yourself in a situation of debt and repayment, doesn't it? The CC Companies sound like they do not want to budge, they just want to make more money. If it were my situation, I would pay the card off or as much as possible, close it, and start fresh later down the road when the credit crunch has lessoned and the CC is begging you for your new business again.
  2. 10 Years?? Something that old shouldn't even be reported to the CRA after 7 should it?? I agree with BTO, and afterwards send a copy of the letter to the CRA with one of your own stating they are reporting inaccurate information. Certify the Letter, and never trust those online disputes. They are junk.
  3. besides. If you change the address yourself, and then change it back, or can't prove that you didn't live at the original address, it seems to only be a temporary fix and not a permanent one.
  4. I had an old account with Fashion Bug which is now under WFNNB, it got charged off, paid for less the original amount. I sent a GW letter last year, and was able to get a $150 credit limit with WFNNB again via Lane Bryant.
  5. Hello, I've been browsing this forum for almost half a year now and I have applied a few of the methods to my current situation. I wish I had known half the things two years ago, or even nine years ago when I first got into the credit card mess. I have cleaned up most of my deliquent accounts and as of this month, I have gotten my FICO up to 692 and my Plus to 643. However, there remains two collection accounts which remain a thorn in my side and on my credit report. One is Capitol One. I had two cards with them back in 2002. The account went deliquent as of November 2003. (Sooner actually b