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  1. you should go to the court house and find all the document on this case
  2. I applied for a miles program credit card but they sent me a card that I did not apply for. Is this normal? It's already in my credit report can I call them and ask why? I haven't activated it yet can I cancell it?
  3. I got a personal loan through my credit union about a year 1/2 ago when my credit was low 600 & 6 negatives. Now my credit is at the low 700 no negative. What can I do to lower my intrest rate? I want to stay with this credit union, they have been good to me. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone loking for the applied bank/cross country bank contract with arb clause. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I went to a dealership to purchase a new car. I told them I will go through my credit union for this loan but they still pulled my credit. is it mandatory that they to that?
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. I will carry a low balance and pay off when bill comes ...Got it!
  7. This may seem like a stupid question but I will go ahead and ask it anyway. I am mainly using credit cards to raise my credit score and hopefully within 3 years my score will be good enough for a nice home loan. If I purchase groceries yesterday and want to pay off the card within a few days will that hurt my credit? will that hurt me in any other ways? Is this a stupid idea? I just don't want to get stuck with a credit card bill that I can't pay. Thanks for reading
  8. Applied bank did not provide signed agreement or credit application. What should be my next step?
  9. I settled with capital 1 and it the settlement it says once I make the first installment they will dismis court case with prejudice and remove tradeline. How long does it usually take? Are they suppose to still be reporting on my credit report? Agreement signed on May 4 but they reported on equifax on May 8. Or am I just being very impatient..Sorry I really just want to get this credit repair this going.
  10. Does anyone have email adresses for Applied Bank? I feel like writting emails to their CEOs. Any help would be wonderful
  11. Very happy with my settlement. I was not ready for war. Thank you everyone!
  12. Because of you I got Capital One: dismissed with prejudice,removal of tradeline, paid 10% of debt on monthly intallments. Afni: (sent trueq validation letter with MG05 arbitration) closed account with tradeline removed Superior Mgt: Tradeline deleted account closed Calvary Portfolio: Account closed.Tradeline deleted Thank you for all of you help. When I first came here I was so afraid , afraid to answer the phone, afraid to open a I'm confident tha ever..BIG THANK YOU. I will never forget it!
  13. So I need to have them also include a non-disclosure agreement?