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  1. Well I just found out the court screwed up and never put the attorney threw for the medation call. they have rescheduled us, this sucks..
  2. Well they never showed or called for medation... I think I won.
  3. Well the Judge allowed the Attorney not to be present at the medation hearing.. So I guess I will see how that goes soon. Any advice?
  4. I saw somewhere here where you will have to file striking that. I am not sure but I think someone will be able to answer this for you.. I would also call that attorney as well.
  5. Hmmm my papers say we will go stright to court if no agreement is made for a pre-trail. You might want to call that attorney again.
  6. You will have to fill a motion to strike that. Read some of the other post, did they set a trail date? They should have.Stick to your guns as they are just trying to scare you..
  7. It does sounds like there are only two counts to deny. Also look at some of my other answers to file as well. I got those from a lot of people gere who have help me out a lot. Once you file your answer, the judge will order medation and then they will file a request for medation by phone. Look at my other resonse how to answer that. I was given that by an attorney who merrybucks gave me.
  8. You can also get forms from the court under self service. I was not able to locate what I was looking for but was told that by the court.
  9. About 6 weeks I think the judge order it. after that they requested mediation over the phone which i filled a respone. I would just copy and past your answer from above on this part of the thread. It's all there...
  10. Look at some of the other pages here and you wil be able to cut and past your answer. Of course you will need to change a few things.. But DENY, DENY, DENY everything.
  11. Ok, well don't settle what every you do. Merry Bucks gave me a name of an attorney who gave me free advice.. He said don't settle and if the judge sets a trail date ask for 60 to 90 dyas out to hire an attorney. Let me know what happens please.
  12. I read on another thread that Midland uses Bursey & Associates. Is this yours?