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  1. It started in February 2010 when I got a letter from my town that I needed to appear in court in front of a judge to answer a complaint against capital one... I showed up, but they did not show up... The judge did not give me a judgement, but said they still do this again and gave me some friendly advise about calling them and settling... Well a few months later I got a person from the sheriffs office show up at my door with a packet from their lawyer for motion of discover (I believe that's what its called) The first page had a number to the county of a lawyer I could speak with, so I called
  2. I think I have to answer the request for admissions, because the first time the judge was in my town... They filed with the common pleas in the county and they (capital one lawyers) state Pennsylvania rule of civil procedure 1035.2(1) they said I did not respond in 30 days to the September 2010 Plaintiffs request for admissions... They are asking the judge to favor for them!
  3. The judge ruled in my favor, because the lawyer for their side did not show up... However, the judge told me they may still come after me... As for the 4 years they got it in on time.... The lawyer I had confirmed it, but its soo hard to get a hold of this lawyer... He also told me not to settle or call the capital one lawyer... They play games....
  4. This is the same one! The first letter I got was to appear in my own town and if I didn't show up I would automatically get a judgement against me, but I did and the capital one lawyer did not show up.... A couple of months later I got a sheriff deputy at the door with paper work which I took to a lawyer and he typed up a plaintiff complaint answer on May 24, 2010... On September 14, 2010 supposenly got a letter in the mail for request for admissions, which a year later, the Capital one lawyer is saying that I did not replay after 330 days and for the judge to award a judgement in favor of Cap
  5. Hi all, I was sued over a year ago by capital one... First I had to appear in court to which their lawyer never showed up and I automatically won! Second they had someone serve me with a with paper work, but it wasen't request for admissions... This was on April 2010 I had a lawyer fill it out and get back to them... Well last week I got another packet in the mail stating that they (capital one Lawyer) wanted a summary Judgment, because on September 21st 2010 they sent me in the mail a request for admissions or admissions and interrrogators... I called the court and they said you hav
  6. Last month Capital one tried to sue me and they did not show up at court. Yesterday somebody from the sheriff's office showed up and gave me civil action notice. This notice has everything from capital one that show's my credit card statements etc. Now the first page says I have 20 days to reply by letter to the court or else I face a judgement. There is a number to call a lawyer which I did and I am waiting for them to get back to me. does anybody know what this is all about and if you were in the same situation and how did you handle it. How come they can keep coming back to try and sue. T
  7. Do you guys think they will try and sue again and also how many times can they sue you and not show up in court. The judge did say they have to pay the court fees everytime they sue, so that about 100 dollars...
  8. So the other two parties that were being sued by capital one did not show up and they automatically lose thier case even if the lawyer from cap 1 did not show up. That is rough to lose when the lawyer didn't even show up. The funny thing was I was sitting in the court room and a lawyer walked in all dressed up and the clerk said wow your back in the area and I thought dam he is here, but thank god he was from other places representing another person lol.
  9. I can tell you I wasen't the only one being suid by capital one today. There was two before me who were no shows. Well to make a long story short, the judge called my name and I was right there and he called the attorney's name, but he was a no show. He said you won for now, but they can refile and have to pay the filing fee again. Okay what do you guys make of this. The judge pulled me aside and told me I should call them up and settle for 20 cents on the dollar. it would be like 300 dollors and it would go through the court. Oh one more thing! As I was leaving the court room I noticed some
  10. Thanks for the information and I think I will go ahead and take this route.
  11. One thing is that I can't sleep, so I have been doing research about this case tomorrow. The lawyer from capital one is over 2 hours away and he is set to make 250. I am preying he doesn't show up. Also if they win a judgement with you being there do they freeze your bank account.
  12. Thanks for the email. Tomorrow is my case and I was wondering what to expect when I walk in the court room? I am thinking of acting like what this is all about and act like I have no idea about having a contract with capital one. If somebody can tell me from experience what happens when you go into court to handle this situation, because this is my first time
  13. I tried to post my email address, but i need a 20 post to give my email address out. I am interested in what you are going to send me. My court date is this Wednesday in town and I will look into the advice you gave me to see if I can get a motion to dismiss
  14. Some very nice information thank you! One thing is that when they sent me a summons in the mail for the complaint they never sent a contract or any kind of paper work stating that I am responsible for this account. Maybe I should ask for a motion to dismiss on the account that I have no idea what this is and see if the lawyer comes up with paper work? The affirmative defense you speak of is if they do come up with evidence to support their case, I should go down that route? I was actual reading up on that and it seems like that is what your suggesting.
  15. Okay, but do I tell the judge I want to go to arbitration or do I have to use some fancy court words to the judge? What is this arbitration you speak of? Thanks