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  1. I used to have horrible credit. It's all fallen off and now my scores are in the low to mid 700's. I literally have NOTHING on my credit scores. Not a single line. When I apply for a credit card, I get rejected for "not enough credit". I guess it beats "late payments", but I'm old and can't even remember what my first credit card was so long ago or what to do! I signed up with Credit Karma and applied for a card that had "good results" and was still denied. I refuse to apply for Capital One, because they sued me and I won many years ago. Any advice? Thank you!!
  2. I wasn't sure which forum this should be in so if it needs to be moved, please do so. My company is getting corporate credit cards for employees. Where I've worked before, credit cards were issued in the employee's name with the company being the guarantor. This time however, the employer ran our credit without our approval or knowledge. Is that even legal? A few of us pulled our credit reports and it's on there as hard pulls. For people with sterling credit, great! For others, me included, not so much! Nothing was mentioned, nobody was asked, NOTHING. Even if it's legal, I find it embarassing at the least.
  3. jwoods - I was sued by Crap1 several years ago and they didn't show up. And the courthouse is literally within spitting distance of the county airport, so the attorney could have flown in if need be. I was very lucky and hope you are as well. I had no idea what arbitration was but would have used it and think you should, too. Cinci - Thanks SO much for spelling out in simple words exactly what arbitration is and how to go about it! I've read and re-read the arbitration forum until my head is ready to explode, yet still couldn't figure out what to do or when to do it if I ever need to. jwoods - Good Luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.
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