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  1. Hi All, Made the settlement payment to BOA last week and was a bit worried given the standard form letter and all the horror stories out there. I made the single payment anyway since I just wanted it to go away. CC info is gone from my online account and I received an Equifax update today that said the following, Rate/Status changed to: Pays account as agreed Narrative Code 1 changed to: SETTLEMENT ACCEPTED ON THIS ACCOUNT Narrative Code 2 changed to: PAID ACCOUNT / ZERO BALANCE Is the drama over (for this card anyway)? Thanks! Jimmy.
  2. I got the letter it has the cover sheet from the representative, my full account number at the top, date and is on BOA letterhead. It lists the terms and payment amount as well as the due date. Also the following, "The balance at the time of settlement wa $XXXX and we will accept $XX as settlement of this account. Below are the payment terms......." "In return upon receipt of all required payments, your account will be considered settled and you will not be obligated to pay the remaining balance provided no additional charges appear on this account after the date of this letter. " Good enough
  3. or a few questions Hi All, After much reading on the forums and after much waiting/negotiation I have BOA down to 20% on my accounts. I have one that is charged off at the end of the month which is tomorrow so they say it has to be done by then (at least the one does). I'm thinking this is a good deal as the debt is mine and frankly I don't want the phone calls or hassle anymore. They want me to settle the one that gets charged off tomorrow and say they need a payment tomorrow to make it happen. Thats fine I have the money but I'm sure they are going to want me to pay it either through my ac
  4. Surely experst will reply but don't upset the apple cart. With the amount involved though court is looming IMHO.
  5. Hi All, I have two credit cards with BOA. One is about 4 months past due and closed and the other is close behind. The total is about $15k. I have $5k saved and I'm hoping to settle both with BOA before it gets charged off. Does this seem like a reasonable offer at this stage? Any tips or advice? Do I need an agreement letter from an OC or can they be trusted? I'm hoping to get them settled to relieve the mental stress. Thanks for any tips! Jimmy
  6. Nice! They call every day and rack the violations up by leaving the same messages.
  7. I want to call but don't know what to say. They havent sent me a letter yet so I could send them the validation/arbitration letter. I don't want to give them any ammo against me. Since Michigan is a two party consent state (for recording phone calls) when they tell me the phone call will be recorded, what happens when I tell them I don't consent to being recorded?
  8. Hi All, CA's have been leaving messages on my phone answering machine. They go something like this, This message is for JimmyV, If you are not JimmyV, do not listen to this message, waiting for three seconds (2 second pause) JimmyV this is Mr. Vulture from Bottom feeder CA, this call is an attempt to collect on an outstanding debt, please call us back blah blah.. Is this legal? What if someone overheard that message? I can guarantee a person who is not the intended recipient is not going to hang up when instructed and will listen in anyway. Seems shady to me. Thanks! Jimmy
  9. Whats the difference between a soft/hard pull? How do I know the difference when viewing my credit report. I too have inquiries showing on my report from two different CA's. Thanks!
  10. I sent the letters to GC services and now I'm being called by Zwicker. I never had any dealings with them before. I'm just wondering what to say, if anything, when they call or what my approach should be. I guess GC thought I was too much work and punted it off to Zwicker. According to my latest credit report Zwicker made an inquiry but does not own the debt-Amex still owns it. Another thing I found unusual is that Amex has not reported any late payments and it states the account is in good standing and pays as agreed despite the fact I hadn't paid in months.......... Thanks!
  11. Hi All, Well after I sent the DV letters (with arbitration exercised) to GC Services regarding my Amex account I now received a call from Zwicker requesting that I call them back. My account is about 6 months past due and wondering what the purpose of their call is (obviously they want money) and what I should do at this point. Sadly for me after reading the posts it sounds like these people are real winners so I need all the help I can get. Thanks! Jimmy
  12. Anyone have any ideas? I Want to send this out tomorrow morning. Thanks!!!
  13. is the corredct fdcpa section 809( for this particular violation? This line sound OK? "I may file suit with a court of competent jurisdiction regarding this violation without further notice."
  14. I'm not sure the 623 method applies here since I'm dealing with the CA not the OC. I could be wrong though.....