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  1. Ten things found in your garage 1. hurricane shutters (the joy of Fl living) 2. Car 3. Mower(s) 4. battery 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. _________ (This poster starts the next game)
  2. Ops, am sorry. Zealously
  3. Ten things found in your grandma's nightstand drawer 1. Hairnet 2. Bible 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ________________ (This poster starts the next game) Reply With Quote
  4. Thanks. I have to wait till the outcome of my BK at the end of this month to seek legal counsel. Between them and my ex hub I don't know who is worse. Awo
  5. I wish I had seen the case about Pressler and Pressler before I went to court last month. I recently had to file for BK because they will not leave me alone, every time I turned around they had filed garnishment summons at my work. Due to financial issues caused by my ex not working we had two default judgments. (I know now that was a mistake not going to court initially). I don't know if I made them mad because every time they sent the garnishment I will file for home stead deed and get the money back. They are ruthless so what they started doing was send the summons to an address that I
  6. 10 Things found in a Woman's Purse 1. Lipstick 2. Brush 3. Tissues 4. Cell Phone 5. Keys 6. Credit 7. Receipts from those credit cards! 8. Ex-boyfriend's testicles 9. my concealed weapon permit 10. Nail file
  7. Hi everyone, I had a default judgment against me from cap 1 in August 2008, which I did not know about. The case was filed in Richmond but I live in northern virginia. I had a garnishment against me at work, that was how I found out and the hearing date is 5/13. I filed for homestead exemption in northern virginia and faxed it to Richmond. I called today to find out if the fax had been received but the clerk at the court told me that the money was being returned to my employer, which was a surprise. She also said I did not have to show up for the hearing next week. Should I believe her
  8. Hi, i am new here, I have enjoyed the posts I have been reading. I have the same issue here. I got a default judgment against me from Cap1 in Nov 2008. I live in Herndon but the case is in Richmond. I never received any summons from them till I received a garnishment letter from my payroll dept. I know it might be to late to do anything about it, but I am open to any suggestions