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  1. Thanks for the reply but how are they going to get a letter to me since I already confirmed they have my old address to them and they didn't ask for my new one?
  2. Well she started off the conversation by asking if I am still receiving mail at ******** (gave me old address) I said no. she said is that your old address? I said yes, then she didn't ask or try to update the wrong info and started to hammer into the debt I owe and it needing to be paid right now.
  3. Thank you for your reply. The woman I spoke to yesterday told me, "'you cannot take it up with insurance because it's now in collections and I have to pay the balance because they won't" I don't know if that is a true statement or if she's just blowing steam at me. The fact she told me that I am not able to dispute this debt now is that not false and misleading? I do understand it would be in writing but she is telling me that I cannot dispute it and have to pay it. She also threatened to put the other 2 accounts that are not yet showing up on my credit report on there if I didn't pay it.
  4. I was contacted yesterday by a collection agency located in New Hampshire. I currently live in Massachusetts and the woman I spoke to broke numerous FDCPA laws on the phone. I simply tried to explain to her that a medical debt she was collecting I had disputed before and wished to continue to dispute until they provide me more information as I had health insurance and paid all of my co-pays. She got irate on the phone and told me I can't dispute it and I legally owe this now because it's past the time to file with insurance. She told me one of them is reporting to my credit report and the other two will be soon. I told her I wished to continue to dispute until I am provided information or media. She told me she wasn't going to put it in a dispute and said collection activity will continue on the account. I said "you're telling me on a recorded line you're not going to put my account in dispute and are going to continue to collect on this?" This is when she laughed at me told me to have a good day and hung up on me. My question is I know she violated the law numerous times during the phone call but is there any leg to stand on if I attempted to sue for FDCPA violations on the call? I have already placed complaints on the BBB and attorney general of their state as well as sent a e-mail to their compliance department advising that I will not be treated this way and intend to push forward with complaints against the company.
  5. Well I'm not sure if it has been posted before, but I had managed to find a website Crownjewelers.com. They opened me up with a 2500.00 line of credit without a credit check and reports back to cra's. The small catch is they require a small down payment on purchase before they extend credit, for example if you ordered product that cost 130.00 they might require 30 dollars down and extend 100 worth of credit. It's been a long building process and I feel that this is going to help me get on the right track. My Question is, are there any other places that you all know of like this? no credit check and report back to the credit reports? Your imput is appreciated. Thanks Scott