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  1. After further reading I am going to send the DV letters, definately to Zwicker. Can you still send these even if they have NEVER contacted you in writing? I contacted them the 1st time on the 19th, planning to settle that is in another post. They did call back that day and the next at 7AM, so does that mean they have 5 days to get some written papers to me about the debt? My plan is not to give them a DIME, I was ready to settle, but then they got a little to greedy when they thought all was good for them. Plus I have caught them in so many lies, such as I am being sued etc.
  2. Ok, maybe I am going about this all wrong.. I was using a debt settlement company, I terminated with them last week. I issued a must appear in court from Blatt with Cap 1. Talked to my husband, these card are in my name only, we decided to just get a loan from the bank call for settlements and pay, but now that I read this forum, should I not do this? I was with the company for 7 months and that is when I stopped paying the credit card companies. The suit from Blatt came out of no where, I never heard from them, until a guy served me with papers. Am I going about this the wrong way? Any advice would be appreciated, these questions are not ones you can just ask over lunch with your friends unless you want to look like you have grown another head!! We are not closing on this loan until Monday, so i have time there, but I do have to appear in court with an answer next Thursday.
  3. I am now feeling like the lying bullies should not get a dime of my money! What would or could happen if I wait, will they eventually sell it to another place, will they ever take me to court?
  4. I also went with Freedom Debt relief, I have paid them about 3200. for NOTHING other than a lesson learn, I was served papers and when I told them they said they were not attorneys. Has anybody here ever gotten a refund from them?
  5. I filed a complaint with the FTC. Thanks, I need to find a recording device.
  6. I was with a debt settlement company and got smart and am doing this on my own. I have an account with Zwicker and Asociates, I talked to them about a settlement, they gave me one and when I told them I would like for them to send me paper work on that and I would mail a check out they said ok, the deal was not at all great like maybe 1000 taking off, with in 60 seconds they called back saying the case is actually in court and the cost went up......another 116. What would you do in this case if it were you? I did file a complaint against them, they called me at 7am, they said that they are representing GE MOney and did not buy this account, I checked with Ge Money on this and that was not the case, they bought it. They said that I am in the middle of a suit with them and that they have sent me papers on this, I have not gotten anything, infact I did not even know they had this account until I talked to Ge Money back yesterday to find out about settling. Thanks!