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  1. VAdebtor, Thank you, Upon reviewing my situation, I realize I misstated the facts. Spring, 2010, I had pulled CR and used the online tool to dispute the Collection and it got deleted. Fall 2010 I had pulled CR from diff CRA, disputed the same tradeline CMRRR, came back verified, did not send MOV, instead wrote the Collection Ag CMRRR asking for more info and why they continue to report when they were deleted from a Diff CRA credit report, thats when they send me letter asking that I prove debt is not mine. Yes they were deleted from 1 CR but not the Next 1. I think for my State, PUC is ICC? Prosay, thank you also, I have not considered filing a complaint with FTC, as stated I am new. I did contact state AG who transfered me to file a complaint with the Ill Dept of Prof Regulation. Did not think of Consumer Affairs. Do not care to contact media on this as yet. I have not contacted (did not know) And this/more is why I am here asking for pointers. Finally, I can file a complaint with Ill Dept of Professional Reg, will contact AG re: consumer affairs. Will look into FTC complaint. Who do I file a complaint on, is it Utility Co? Debt Collector? CRA?, all 3? Thanks so much
  2. Hello, and thank you for all the help from this board, I had a debt with a utility co. in the Illinois, County of Cook, which had gone to a Collection agency sometime in 2006 (not too sure of this). In early 2007 I began paying the bill and finished paying the 1st qtr of 2007. In early 2008 I established service with the same utility co in Dupage Cty. They wanted a deposit which I had gladly rendered to them, which they subsequently returned to me. March 2010, I pull a free credit report that lists the collection agency of utility co trying to collect a debt. I dispute and it comes back verified. August 2010, I pull next free credit report and the same debt is listed with the collection agency. I dispute again, it comes back verified, I sent MOV to Credit Reporting Agency and DV to collection agency. MOV comes back, looks okay. Collection Agency letter comes back asking me to send records proving this debt is not mine. I look through my records and it looks like this debt belongs to me, but I get distracted and dont follow through. Dec 2010, I pull next free Credit Report and the same collector is listed, I dispute again and it comes back verified again. January 2011, I pay off the Debt Collection agency. February 2011, I receive a check from the utility co. (in the same amount of collection agency check). Huh!? I call utility Co, and representative tells me that I do not owe anything and this debt had been paid in 2008. Further, "We send out notices to Collection Agencies every quarter of the year to tell them to stop collections". I ask if I may have a copy of that letter (notice) and rep tells me, "We cannot send that to you", I ask if they can get me a transcript of it, showing Date, my name, acct no., etc., rep again tells me no. I think I am entitled to something. In effect the Collection Agency has been reporting to Credit Reporting Agency a debt that I do not owe. I call the Illinois Dept of Professional Registration, and they tell me that they have no complaints that went through on this collection agency. I believe I can bring suit for damages under FDCRA, but Im not sure which place to start, Is it go to Cook County Court Hse and research cases (if there is a case like my situation)? I have spoken with a Lawyer who told me that lawyer fees would be much more than I could potentially win in a case. How can I get this notice from Utility Co? Thanks for your help, J
  3. Hello all and thank you for your time and patience, ahead! I have pulled my Experian CR and disputed all debts as "Not Mine" all 6 came back verified. My questions are: 1. There is a tradeline (2 collection atty to try to collect for Verizon) that was never mine, and I think I may have a letter from the 1st atty saying I no longer owe the debt and sorry to have bothered you. Should I DV them with the 1st atty "sorry" letter? or the OC (Verizon)? This atty sent me a collection letter stating they could give me a 20% discount if paid in 3 months. (once more, this was never my debt) 2. Next tradeline (mens Clothing Retailer Card) who I did pay a while back but forgot to pay all. I think they report a dif amount from what I have and ask that I pay in full whats left and they would report to the BIG 3 as paid 3. This next tradeline tells me that I owe them (collction atty for Utility Co) but I have record showing that I paid utility co, but it is after the account went to this atty. Should I DV them or contact the Utility Co (OC)? Also this Collection Atty was deleted after I disputed them when I pulled my TU CR Any and all responses will be helpful, and again, Thank you
  4. Hi and best of luck. I am kinda new too, but I always read (and pretty much agree, as Im still new) that the first thing is to dispute first with CRA (EX, EQ & TU), then do your plan. Perhaps you should wait for a better response from someone who knows better
  5. Thnx crfix, Ill keep this updated
  6. Hi everyone, Its been some time (maybe 3 months) and here I am again. Only, more knowledgeable and more confused, hehe. I have pulled my Experian CR. Yes, I want to have all 6 negative tradlines as being mine deleted. but had a question re: 1 of them. I had a tradeline with 1 of the credit cards awhile ago, and it shows as Paid in settlement, $XXX.XX written off and it drops of May 2013. Experian also shows a Creditors Statement (for this card): Account legally paid in full for less than balance Question is, can I dispute this 1 as "Not belonging to me"? I plan on sending my dispute letter CMRR. Also, is it necessary to reference any part(s) of the FCRA and/or the FDCRA in my initial dispute (to Experian)? Thank you, J
  7. good evening all, I have received a letter from TU (as a response to my "MOV" letter) TU writes how they investigated my dispute (i.e., by mail, electronic means or telephone...") But they did not send me any documentation or transcripts of how the dispute was verified, for me to review, per my requests of April 23 and May 9, 2010. Is there a way for me to get this information? I sent by CMRRR a DV letter to the JDB on April 2, 2009 and still have not heard anything back from them yet. Is this as far as it goes or is there anything else I can try? By the way, this JDB bought this debt from an OC that I have never dealt with and I disputed the tradeline as "not mine" with TU but it came back verified. Thank you very much
  8. My correct address was on the return Green Card, thank you airy Enchantress, and on the letter that I sent them. I will send TU the address Proof back tomorrow
  9. Hi ipigott, I have printed the the document from USPS website, so I think Im covered. But thanks
  10. Hi, I had sent a CMRRR to a JDB requesting DV and they have accepted the letter but I still have yet to receive the green (signature) card. I know they accepted the letter as per the USPS website. I sent 1 to TU at about the same time and received the TU card back, but not this one. Any direction would be helpful, thank you
  11. Hello all, I had pulled an online credit report from TU back in late March, and disputed (online) a tradeline from a JDB (for a utility co. in wisconsin) that I never had business to do with as I never lived in wisconsin. the dispute came back verified by TU. I sent (CMRR) a request or Method of Verification of this debt and have received a standard form letter from TU asking for proof of Current mailing Address. In the body of this letter reads "We have received (I believe the MOD letter) your request and are in the process of investigating the information which you disputed. However the address you provided (I fixed my current address online) is not listed in our records. In order to notify you of our investigation results at the current mailing address you provided, proof is required. this letter goes on asking or copies of qualifying documents. i.e. drivers license, bank statements, utility bill, etc. My question is, is this normal or a reply regarding a request for MOD? Im new at this and am not looking to leave any stone unturned. Thank you
  12. I have never used this site, but maybe you can poke around. double u double u double u dot takeovermypayments dot com Sorry cant post links yet good luck
  13. Gunney & 1stStep, Thanks for the advise. I have sent the DV letter to the CA, and the MOV to TU. From what I understand the CA has 30 days to get back to me and TU has 15 days. So the wait begins. Whats nice is that CMRRR lists an Estimated Delivery Date, so we can know about when my letters were received.
  14. Hey Gunney, Semper Fi, I got a tad antsy and sent the DV to the CA, should I still send the method of verification letter to TU?
  15. Hello everyone, newbie here, found your forum on google after I obtained a free TU Credit Report and after I did the Online dispute tool (I find out now, I should have not done that) Anyway I do have a question about what I should do next. I disputed a debt that Is on my report but was never mine and the CA or OC verified the debt as mine. What is my next step(s)? I have looked for more info here, but because I began my quest wrong, I couldnt find much. Can u help point me to the correct direction? Thanks for being here for me to find. J PS. Although I used the online dispute tool, may I still send a DV letter to the CA (State Collection SVC)??
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