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  1. Hello Big Sister, I actually thought about disputing it on my credit reports, but figured it was so recent that they'd for sure leave it on. Maybe I should.... I got all the old stuff off my credit by just doing online disputing, but I may look into this debt validation thing. In the past I didn't want to spend all that money on sending all those letters, but I have only one strike on my credit now, so it'll be well worth it. I don't know what all I said in my original post, but I read that they're not able to PAY FOR DELETE like they use to. I only spent a few minutes reading up on that so I need to look deeper into that one. Thank you for your help. And to ALL the people on this site, thank you. When I first got started a few years ago my credit was like in the mid 500s. The last time I got offered credit I had a FICO of around 770! Bravo.
  2. Hello Everybody. I haven't logged onto this site in over a year I don't think. I'm out of practice with the site, but have a question. I have good credit now, a BofA Visa and a Chase Visa. My FICO hit over 770 awhile back. But now I have one problem. I ran into some trouble and now have a collections on my credit. AT&T Wirless and about $600. I recently Googled Pay for Delete and I read some things that said Collection Agencies don't do that anymore? Is this the case? Again, this is the only bad thing on my credit now and when I get the money I'd just like to pay it off and hopefully get my FICO knocking on the door of 800. If you have some knowledge on the latest PAY FOR DELETE information I'd love to be pointed in the right direction. The collection has been on my account since around January or February 2012, this year. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know the reporting date of Chase Visa Signature to the credit agencies? I was just on the phone with them recently about how my score dropped because of this card and while talking the lady said that even if I payed off my balance that it would take about a month for them to report it to the credit agencies. I just got my first bill from them in the mail and it seems that the cut-off was December 18th.
  4. Right, I've always heard that, but it seems Barclays was able to see things from the 80s and 90s. I have 2 things on my credit now and both good. Where were they seeing that old stuff?
  5. I just applied for credit with Apple Computer and shockingly I was declined. The person I was IMing with at Apple gave me Barclays phone number. I called them and the lady said I was declined because I didn't have a long enough credit history. She then said, "I see something from the 80s and 90s and I see you've had new credit for 2 years. I was shocked to hear that because she was seeing things from the past. IS THIS NORMAL???
  6. Remember this site says I'm a "student of credit" so I don't know much, but I don't know, I think the credit card companies want a blending of everything. I think it would be pretty dangerous to only have people in the 600s and they might only get merchant fees from people in the 800s.
  7. I see. Ok, but really, does any business have our best-interest at heart? I mean, all of this is about money and market-share. And if a person doesn't want to play this "game" then they'll never get a credit card OR they'll get some, don't pay and have a 300 or 400 score and won't be able to not even get credit to finance a rotten skunk. I love nature, but I have no desire to be a Mountain-Man up in Montana. I'm happy that I was shootin' for 750, achieved that and now I'm going for 800. I'm curious to see how long it'll take to get there. In August I hit 700, then 776 in November. And TransUnion FICO simulator said that if I received a card with a limit of $5,500 that my score might be anywhere from 767 - 786. Maybe once my Chase Signature gets on my report it'll go to 786. After that I think my report will just have to "mature" to get to 800. OR it'll probably go there if I pay off the money, less than $1,000 that I owe American Express, and they give me another card. That'll add over 6 years to my credit.
  8. Ok, now this post made a lot of sense to me. I've been thinking that maybe the "sucker score" was the one that FICO sold me, but you say that's the "consumer score." Is it possible that the 20 point drop was because Chase looked at my score? I mean their card isn't appearing on my report yet. Is that because my first due date isn't until January 2011? I guess it can't show up on my report UNTIL I have an actual bill. lol 20 points is just a big drop it seems though. I couldn't agree with you more there. Of COURSE you're not going to see some big guy from BofA or Chase saying that they want people with blemishes on their credit because they typically aren't as disciplined and will probably go over their limit more. Whereas as some smart guy... OR GIRL ... in the 800s will more knowledge, wisdom, and not fall into the trap of carrying large utilization %.
  9. Hi. No, I've read over and over that people can get credit because they can't file for bankruptcy again, but my question was how could a person's score be in the mid 700s if they just filed for bankruptcy? I've read, this this site, that there's different FICO scores for different things, so it makes since that those people quoted you different scores. All I know if my score went exactly where FICO said it would go if I paid off my credit card. And right around that time I got that Chase Freedom card offer. It actually came BEFORE I paid off my credit card. So they sent it to me when I was at like 90% utilization. I submitted my application online and thankfully I paid off my card a few days later, so I think they made them give me a Signature card instead of a plain one. American Express. As far as with me, they checked my Experian and that's the one that has a tax lien on it. TU and EQ are spotless. I also owe them several hundred dollars from an old account, so I don't think they'll be giving me any love until I pay that off. At least it's off my credit though. Yes, I'm aware of having a good mix of credit. I've been thinking about applying for a personal loan to help mine as well.
  10. Chase Freedom "pre-screened" me for their Freedom card in October 2010. After I was approved for their Freedom Visa Signature I called and they said they pulled my TransUnion and that's my highest score and it was 776. I live in Illinois.
  11. My TransUnion FAKO seems to have dropped 20 points for nothing. Why? The only change has been that I was offered a Chase Freedom and was approved and given the Visa Signature with a $5,000+ limit... I mean "credit access line." I know that Chase pulled my TransUnion, but would that drop my score by 20 points? The Chase Visa isn't on my report yet, so what's the deal? And I owe $0 on my other credit card.
  12. Hi. Ok, now I get what you mean about 15 days old is useless. I thought you meant the FICOs I paid for were useless. And you sounded like you were saying the FICO simulator was useless also or that you thought it was a FAKO. I learned, from this site, that those are useless and had a 30 minute "conversation" with some TransUnion person about why I didn't want or care about what my "TrueCredit" TransUnion score was. The FICO simulator said my score would be someone between 730 and 770 if I paid off my credit. Of course I was hoping it would be 770, but thought bare-minimum it would be 730, so I wouldn't be disappoined and to my surprise it was 776. I mean I just felt like I had gotten an A+ on a big test or something and that's why I keep going on and on about my scores. You have to remember that a year ago my TransUnion was like 500. The only way I got a credit card then was by getting a secured Visa and now... now Chase offered me the Freedom and they even gave me a Signature. Ok, just to clear this up, you said your FICO sucker scores are in the 680 range. What exactly is the FICO "sucker score?" I mean is that the FICO score that you get from myFICO or something else? If so, why exactly would they call a person a "sucker" if the person's scores are in the mid 700s or higher? I mean, I think someone with score that high are making all the right moves... or right enough at least. I think the "suckers" would more so be in the mid 600s. What interest rate did you get on your $40,000 car loan?
  13. Hi Jets, Thanks for such a nice reply. Wow, 800! 1.5 years ago I use to dream of having 750 and really didn't think it would happen so fast, but it did. NOW, my goal is 800. I think my scores jump around more because my credit file has just become, just over 2 years old and up until a couple weeks ago I just had one credit card, so being near the limit had my TransUnion FICO around 700 and when I got it to $0 it jumped to 776. Utilization went from like 90% to 0%. I've just never had my scores this high and I feel like a kid at Christmas and wanting to see every uptick of my scores. Why'd you say your cards are below 12%? I've been thinking that 9% or less was ideal. I can totally see why crecit card companies would focus on people in the mid 600s though. I tend to think they're the biggest money-makers for those companies. I've paid for my reports but that was a LONG time ago. Most of this year I've been getting them for free. When I had bad on my credit and apply for something I'd get rejected and then order a free report. I'd then dispute online and call the credit agencies and order another free copy. The only think I've paid for was my FICO - once in August and once in November. That was money well-spent though in August because that's when TransUnion's FICO told me in their analyzer that my score might jump to 770 if I paid off my little credit. That motivated me to pay it off and now I have that nice Chase Freedom Visa Signature! HOW THE HECK can someone just file for bankruptcy and have scores in the 700s!? Really... how is that possible? I thought mathematically it would drop their scores like 200 points.
  14. I'm sorry, I'm lost. Can you tell me why a person would be getting a lot of credit card offers? I mean if a person's credit is bad I doubt they'd be getting many offers. Mine was bad a year ago and all I'd get would be letters from a few bill collectors, but now that my credit is over 700 it's a different story. I'm not getting a lot of offers, but the last several weeks I've been receiving a lot more and Chase is sending me "Freedom card" offers like twice a month now and I just got their card a couple weeks ago. What exactly is an "old" report? You initially thought I was saying that I was paying for a TransUnion score, but I never have. The only score I've paid for has been the FICO TransUnion score. How is a simulated score out of date if it simulates a score in the FUTURE if you pay off your debt? Again, my visa card was near it's limit and my FICO TransUnion said it would go to 770 if I paid off my credit card and that's exactly what happened. I don't mean to insult you, but you seem bitter about credit scores. I mean if so, then why are you on this site? I mean to me it sounds as if you think a person trying to improve their scores is a waste of time or something... as if you're bashing having good scores. I don't think this is the case, but I'm just confused by how you sound. I'm aware of what you line says about managing credit and not scores, but to me I think they kind of are connected. I mean I have a visa card that just went UNsecured and I owe $0 on it for this month and I just received the Chase Freedom Visa Signature and owe less than $20 on it and will pay it off before the due-date. I think that's pretty good. I opened that secured visa just over 2 years ago and have never missed a payment and have never gone over the limit. Again, I think that's pretty good. I can get 5 credit card offers a day, but I have 2 credit cards now and that's really all I need, but I plan on contacting American Express soon and paying the money I owe them and hopefully they'll open my credit back up with them. I'd like to have them back on my report to give my report more years. I hope to buy a house soon and all I know is that having scores in the mid 700s will give me the lowest interest rates. I have no interest or intention on going "card shopping" or whatever people call it on this. I have NO interest in getting some useless card from Fingerhut... they've been sending me pre-approved offers OR some First Premier card with a $500 limit with a couple hundred dollars in fees. All I plan on doing with those offers is keeping them in a stack to see how many I get for like a year or something. Thanks
  15. Hi Willing.... Ok, I get better what you were trying to say. Yes, I know they'd love for people to be at their limit, because often a person will go over and then have to pay those over-the-limit fees. Yes, I know they get that merchant fee. I was thinking you were trying to say that the only way a credit card made money was when a person carried a balance. I know they make a LOT more money with a balance though. I think getting a lot of credit card offers means, for the most part, that you're doing well with you credit credit, but I don't think having a lot of cards are a good thing... or at least carrying a balance on them. Why do the companies want people in the 650 most of all? I'm guessing because their credit is in the middle, not bad/horrible and not excellent? I think that most with mid 700s probably pay most of their things off and not carry a balance or not a large balance usually. And of course someone will low 600s probably has... "issues." No, the credit analyzer score I was talking about came from the FICO website. I think they call it their "credit simulator." I just got my words mixed-up during my original post. I totally know that the TransUnion score off their site is worthless. I've had some free-trials from the TU site and their scoring is SO outta wack. They've tried to sell me their stuff but I basically told them, "the vast majority of lenders look at the FICO score... that's the only scoring I'm concerned with." They didnt like that, but I L O V E TransUnion because they took absolutely EVERY negative thing I disputed off of my credit days after I sent the disputes to them online. AND they are the agency that Chase used to award me the Freedom Visa Signature card with the $5,000+ limit. So... much love goes out to TransUnion. A year ago my TU score was under 500 and now... BAM, 776! Thanks
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